Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) alternate take reel: "The Bird".




(The scene opens with Dean Shanks telling them to leave and giving them the finger with both hands) He connected hands and chirped. He pretended to understand "the bird" was telling him it thought they were crazy. He told them that was what the little bird told them. He waved goodbye with his right middle finger pointed towards them. (he blows up the bird and pretends to catch it) Shanks told them variations of "bye" with "byes" and "bysies." He paused and "cranked" his left hand open like a jack-in-a-box. He pretended it broke then paused, tinkered, and "fixed" the bird. He told them "buh-bye." He blew the finger at them like blowing kisses one at a time then ended with both. He performed a magic trick next. He moved his left hand vertically, revealing his right middle finger. He exclaimed "Out" "of" "Here!" with each finger then in unison. Holtzmann sat in her seat silent and staring. Shanks motioned his birds to the door and told them to go and good day. He told them to wait and said he had something for them, too, and Erin. It was special and in his pocket. It was just his right middle finger. He explained it was the universal sign for "good day." He presented a "ghost middle finger" which was just his left finger moving around like a ghost while he said "wooo" and "boo." He explained it was a spectral finger telling them to leave. He yelled "out!" Erin scoffed and left, followed by Abby and Holtzmann. He tried the jack-in-the-box again as they left. His left arm rose up. He "pulled" it back down with his left hand repeatedly. He told them it was a ghost finger. Shanks picked up his phone and asked his secretary to send Cinnamon in.


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