Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) Deleted Scene: "The New Book" was an extended/alternate scene.





(The scene opens with Bennie leaving the Firehouse) Abby asked Erin if what was in the box was what she thought it was. Erin looked at a paper and confirmed they arrived. Abby placed her take out order on a chair and went to the box. Erin was too excited to look. Abby lifted the bubble wrap up and took a book out. She found it hefty and glossy. She read part of the title, "A Glimpse into the Unknown," and paused. Erin was disappointed they went with the shorter title. Abby explained she was doing a dramatic pause. She started over and read the full title, "A Glimpse into the Unknown: A Journey into a Portal; Catching Sight of the Other Dimension: Discovering the Undiscoverable: A Curiosity Piqued and Peaked." Erin recited, "Piqued and Peaked" with her and they both gestured and smiled with glee. Abby wanted to pitch a different title one last time, "There and Back Again: A Scientist's Tale." Erin thought it was a good title and decided they would have to write another book. Abby took her up on it. Abby looked at their photo on the back cover. She admitted she was a little afraid they looked too good. In the photo, they were in their black turtleneck sweaters facing each other but looking at the camera. She hoped people wouldn't think these "models" wouldn't know anything about the book's topic. Erin took the book, looked, and agreed. Abby complimented her smooth hair in the photo. Erin revealed she used a cat brush. Abby had no idea she got a cat. Erin clarified she didn't but had the brush and a few toys. Abby replied 'baby steps.' Erin agreed. Abby was still giddy. They called out to Holtzmann.


  • "There and Back Again: A Scientist's Tale" is a reference to "There and Back Again: A Hobbit's Tale" a fictional book Bilbo Baggins' wrote in the book "The Hobbit".
  • The back cover mentions Times Square and the battle.
  • Erin admits she doesn't own a cat yet but has a cat brush and a few toys after Abby compliments her hair for being so smooth.[1]


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