Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) Deleted Scene: "The Singer Gets High" was an extended/alternate scene.





The Beasts of Mayhem took the stage. Adam gave a quick shout out to Thunder Gun Records and remarked he'd like to quit working at the Coffee Bean and work with them. The Thunder Gun representative looked bored. The Beasts started their set. Someone in the audience yelled out they sucked. (Mayhem rises up through the stage) The Thunder Gun rep sat up. Eugene was surprised Adam really did spend his money. (Adam gives the operator the thumbs up) Of the four Ghostbusters, things began to dawn on Patty and she began to hesitate. Erin went to a mic and asked the audience to quiet down but they ignored her. (The Ghostbusters fired at Mayhem) Adam sat up and remarked his tailbone was hurt. Mayhem picked him up his a leg and flew around hanging him upside down. Adam shouted it was real. Jonathan screamed not to go above the crowd because the theatre wasn't insured for that. Adam saw the Thunder Gun rep. Mayhem dropped Adam but he was okay. The crowd cheered him on. Erin suggested they circumbulate Mayhem. Patty was confused. She translated to surround it. Patty was annoyed she should have just said that first.


  • The Thunder Gun Records head is portrayed by Paul Feig.
  • Adam's day job was a barista at a Coffee Bean.[1]
  • Eugene alludes to (Deleted Scene): The Beasts of Mayhem where Adam states he spent all his money on special effects to impress Thunder Gun Records.


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