Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) Deleted Scene: "Where's The Walkie?" was an extended/alternate scene.





Officer Jensen looked up at the Mercado Hotel and asked Agent Rorke and Hawkins why they couldn't save the world. Hawkins suggested to Rorke they were taking responsibility for it. Rorke agreed. Stevenson sarcastically told them really nice work with the cannon. He patted Hawkins on the shoulder then walked away. Jensen walked away, too. Rorke signaled it was time to clean things up and told Hawkins to call in the crew with his walkie talkie. Hawkins realized it was missing. Everyone looked around. The agents emphasized it was federal-regulated and had "Hawkins" on it. Nobody said anything. Hawkins whispered to Rorke his wife was going to kill him. The agents awkwardly stated they would close their eyes and count to three. If the walkie was returned to them, there was be no punishment. Hawkins flipped out. Rorke claimed it was emerging technology and had things like chips and a lithium battery for 20 hours of operation. There was no response. Hawkins gestured to Rorke and picked up the walkie. It was in front of them the whole time. Rorke confirmed they got it.


  • Agent Hawkins mentions his wife.[1]


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