Fixer-Upper is the fifth chapter on the DVDs of Ghostbusters. This chapter introduces the Firehouse.




Hook & Ladder No. 8's exterior was adorned with "Building for Sale" signs in red letters. The windows were whitewashed. A real estate agent inside was talking. She told Egon Spengler and Peter Venkman there was office space, sleeping quarters and showers on the next floor and there was a full kitchen on the top left. Egon and Peter looked around the garage bay. Peter commented that it seemed a little pricey for a unique fixer-upper opportunity. He asked Egon what he thought. Egon grazed Peter's right arm and stated he thought the building should be condemned because there was serious metal fatigue in all the load-bearing members, the wiring was substandard, it was completely inadequate for their power needs, and the neighborhood was like a demilitarized zone. Egon stepped by a locker covered in cobwebs. Ray Stantz called out to them from upstairs. He wondered if the pole still worked. They looked up at Ray. Ray slid down the fire pole. Ray was excited and thought the place was great. He asked when they could move in and invited them to try this pole. Egon looked up. Ray ran up the stairs to get his stuff and paused. The real estate woman turned to Egon and Ray with a smile. Ray suggested they sleep over that night to try it out. Ray continued upstairs. Peter looked at Egon. Egon slowed shook his head 'no' as the real estate woman took some steps closer to them. Peter turned to her and informed her they were taking it. The real estate woman was pleased.



  • Production designer John DeCuir made a foam core mockup of the Firehouse to establish a feel for the set before construction and renovation of the shooting location and for Ivan Reitman to determine blocking action and camera angles.[1]
  • The Firehouse was used, essentially as found, in the sequence where Egon, Ray, and Peter look around the hall. Once the initial scenes were shot, John DeCuir and his staff moved in and made the necessary modifications for later sequences.[2]
  • Both the Los Angeles and New York Firehouses used for filming were built in the same year, 1912.[3][4]
    • The exterior shot of the Firehouse at the start of the scene is Hook & Ladder Company #8 at 14 N. Moore Street in New York.
    • The interior scenes were filmed in Fire Station #23 at 225 East 5th Street in Los Angeles.
  • The real estate woman's gold blazer implies she works for Century 21.
  • Dan Aykroyd really wanted to use the fire pole. It wasn't just a line for Ray.[5]

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