"Nice Shootin', Tex." is the thirteenth Chapter on the DVDs of Ghostbusters. This Chapter is where the Ghostbusters catch their first ghost, Slimer.




  • Newly recovered dailies from a Kansas mine revealed some of the alternate takes and discarded material:[1]
    • When Peter emerges from the ballroom upon trapping Slimer:
      • We came, we saw, we came again
      • I need a tall cold one
      • What a lot of fun. All taken care of!
    • When Peter segways to the fee
      • Let's talk fees and tortillas
      • It's the weekend and it's late
    • After the manager takes the bill from Peter, Ray says "Thank you, sign us a check" then asks everyone to clear a path because he has a Class 5.
  • The What Came Before page of Ghostbusters 101 #6 contains a quote of Egon's "It would be bad" line when he explained the danger of crossing the streams to Peter.


Peter: OK, alright, alright, hold it, hold it, whoa, whoa, nice shootin' Tex.
Gb1 mult audio12
Ray: Well, that wasn't such a chore, now was it?
Gb1 mult audio13
Peter: We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!
Gb1 mult audio14


  1. Slash Film YouTube "Lost Ghostbusters Footage Revealed by Jason Reitman and Ivan Reitman at Ghostbusters Fan Fest" 6/9/19


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