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E.P.A. Man is the fifteenth chapter on the DVDs of Ghostbusters. This chapter introduces Walter Peck.






Walter Peck waited in Peter's office. He was seated on the couch. Peter entered and asked how he could help him. Peck introduced himself then stood. He continued that he represented the Environmental Protection Agency, the third district. Peter shook his hand and asked how it was going down there. Peck looked at the ectoplasmic residue on his hand and got out his handkerchief. Peter patted his shoulder and left more ectoplasm. Peck noticed it. Peck asked him if he was Peter Venkman. Peter sat at his desk and clarified he was "Dr. Venkman." Peck asked exactly what kind of doctor he was. Peter stated he had Ph.D.'s in parapsychology and psychology. He slightly gestured to his framed degrees on the wall. Peck noted he now caught ghosts. Peter found that acceptable. Peck walked to the office gate and turned around. He asked how many ghosts had been caught. Peter replied he was not at liberty to say. Peck asked where the ghosts went after they were captured. Peck walked a few more steps to the gate. Peter told him they went into a storage facility. Janine peeked at them. Peck asked if the storage facility was located on the premises. Peter confirmed that. Peck asked to see it. Peter said no. Peck asked why not and turned to Peter. Peter revealed he had not used the magic word. Peck pulled up one of the chairs and sat. He asked what was the magic word. Peter was shocked and answered, "Please." Peck sneered and asked if he could please see the storage facility. Peter asked why he wanted to see the storage facility Peck's demeanor changed. Peck admitted he was curious and wanted to know more about the Ghostbusters' operations in order assess for any possible environmental impact like the presence of noxious, possibly hazardous waste chemicals in their basement. Peck demanded to see the storage facility or he would come back with a court order. Peter told him to go get a court order. He stood and told Peck he would sue him for wrongful prosecution. Peck stood up and was face-to-face with Peter. Peck warned Peter he could have it his way.

Meanwhile, down in the basement, Egon revealed his alarming findings and admitted he was worried. He revealed it was getting crowded in the the Containment Unit and all his recent data pointed to something big on the horizon. Winston took a cigarette. Ray lit his cigarette then held a light for Winston. Winston asked Egon what he meant by "big." Egon explained with a Twinkie and used it to represent the normal amount of psychokinetic energy in the New York area. Egon estimated that morning's sample indicated the Twinkie was 35 feet long weighing approximately 600 pounds. Ray coughed hard. Winston remarked, "That's a big Twinkie." Egon nodded and took a bite of the Twinkie. Peter came down the stairs. Ray believed they could be on the verge of a four-fold crossrip, a P.K.E. surge of incredible and even dangerous proportions. Peter walked over to the Containment Unit. He mentioned they had a visit from the Environmental Protection Agency then asked how the was grid holding up. Ray remarked not good. Winston gestured from Peter to Egon and implored him to talk about the Twinkie. Peter turned to them and was concerned. He inquired about the Twinkie.


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  • The scenes were filmed in Fire Station #23 in Los Angeles.
  • It is revealed Peter was two Ph.D.'s, parapsychology and psychology.
  • In reality, the EPA has no third district. Region 2 covers New York, along with New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • In the August 5, 1983 draft:
    • On page 68, Egon says he is concerned about an overload in the Containment Unit and thinks they need a spill/release system. Winston and Ray look at the video monitor to see inside the unit. It looks like a sad and frightening limbo and a most unholy makeshift asylum. Winston thinks it looks too depressing. Egon thinks they're on the verge of something of the order of the Tunguska blast.
    • On page 69, Walter Peck is described as a junior E.P.A. Administrator.[1]
  • In the September 30, 1983 draft:
    • On pages 69-71, Peter and Walter Peck's scene is now much like in the movie. It ends with Peter telling him to go save a tree.
    • On pages 71-72, Egon and Ray show Winston how to deposit a ghost into the storage facility. Egon states he needs sleep. The Twinkie sequence seen in the movie appears for the first time in the drafts. Peter comments that's a big Twinkie. Peter can't bring himself to use the video monitor to look in the unit.
  • The P.K.E. levels analogy started out as "the universe as an expanding four dimensional balloon" but it was later changed to the Twinkie, according to Harold Ramis.[2] It was also done with the notion that Egon snacks constantly.[3]
  • Winston has the "That's a big Twinkie" line starting in the October 7, 1983 draft on page 52.
  • In Chapter 21: Out of Biz, after Peter arrives in the basement, Peck alludes to their initial meeting.

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Walter Peck: Now you either show me what is down there or I come back with a court order.

Peter: You go get a court order, and I'll sue your ass for wrongful prosecution.
Walter Peck: You can have it your way, Mr. Venkman.


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