Terror on the Tavern is the eighteenth chapter on the DVDs of Ghostbusters. In this chapter Vinz Clortho possesses Louis.




Louis ran out the Shandor Building. He screamed for help and reported there was a bear loose in his apartment. He continued screaming for help. Louis ran across the street. Cars honked at him. He jumped and climbed over a wall into Central Park. A confused couple spoke with the Doorman. The Doorman repeated there was bear in his apartment. Vinz Clortho ran out the building. He knocked the Doorman over but avoided contact with the couple narrowly. The husband clutched his wife. Vinz ran across the street. A taxi braked in the left lane. Vinz hopped over the wall into Central Park. Louis ran through Central Park. He made a mental note to bring this incident up at the next tenant's meeting because there was a no pets rule in the building.

Louis came upon the Tavern on the Green. He went up the steps, stopped at and turned at a statue, then ran up to windows. He banged once on the window. He ran to door. It was locked. Louis whimpered to be let in. Louis knocked a white chair down, then doubled back and hopped over some brush, and banged on the window. He pleaded for someone to let him in. Louis kept on screaming, then turned his head around then his whole body. His back pressed against the window. Vinz Clortho caught up to him. Louis tried to talk to him like a person to a regular dog and frantically checked his pocket for a Milk-Bone. Vinz Clortho growled. Louis screamed in terror then slid down to the ground and fainted. The restaurant guests and staff were quiet for a couple of seconds, then resumed their conversations. The music restarted as well.

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  • While scouting locations in New York and emulating Louis Tully's movements, Ivan Reitman saw the Tavern on the Green and decided to use it.[1]
  • In the August 5, 1983 draft, on page 79, Louis stops at a tunnel entrance out of breath and gets possessed by the Terror Dog.
  • In the September 30, 1983 draft:
    • On page 79, the two Bums appear talking about the hypothetical fight, again like in the Deleted Scene: Bums.
    • On pages 79-81, the Tavern on the Green scene appears much like in the movie and is followed by the Columbus Circle scene.
  • Most of Vinz' pursuit of Louis to Central Park was filmed before principal photography.[2][3]
  • John DeCuir dressed the Tavern's entryway with two stone statues in order to tie into the Gothic undertones of the movie.[4]
  • The girl with the pink bow in her hair, celebrating her birthday, is Debbie Gibson. She turns her head and looks at Louis Tully as he screams, face-to-face with Vinz Clortho.[5][6][7]
  • Louis mentions Milk-Bone, a brand of dog biscuit.

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