Peter's Date with Zuul is the nineteenth Chapter on the DVDs of Ghostbusters. In this Chapter Peter arrives at Dana's apartment for their date only to find her possessed by Zuul.




Dana/Zuul: Are you the Keymaster?
Gb1 mult audio21
Dana/Zuul: Do you want this body?

Peter: Is this a trick question?

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Dana/Zuul: Take me now, subcreature.
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Peter: I make it a rule never to get involved with possessed people.

[Dana kisses him passionately]
Peter: Actually it's more of a guideline than a rule.

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Dana/Zuul: I want you inside me.

Peter: [laughs] Go ahead. No, I can't. Sounds like you got at least two people in there already. Might be a little crowded.

Gb1 mult audio25
Dana/Zuul: There is no Dana, only Zuul.

Peter: What a lovely singing voice you must have.

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  • During the shot of possessed Dana levitating, Sigourney Weaver was placed in a fiberglass body shell concealed beneath her flowing gown. It wasn't discovered until later in dailies, but the shadow of the motorized support bar was seen moving up and down the wall. The shot was redone with a new lighting scheme. [1]


  1. Shay, Don (November 1985). Making Ghostbusters, p. 128 annotation. New York Zoetrope, New York NY USA, ISBN 0918432685. Paragraph reads: "Members of Chuck Gaspar's physical effects team make adjustments to the levitation rig employed to lift Dana off the bed and roll her over in midair. During the shot, Sigourney Weaver was placed in a fiberglass body shell concealed beneath her flowing gown. Attached at the waist was a motorized support bar which extended out through a hidden slot in the rear wall. The effect worked well on the first take -- in fact, not until later in dailies did anyone notice that the support bar shadow could be seen moving up and down the wall. As a result, the shot had to be reaccomplished with a different lighting scheme."


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