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Biblical is the twenty-forth chapter on the DVDs of Ghostbusters. In this chapter the Ghostbusters talk with the Mayor.






The police escorted Ghostbusters to New York City Hall. Reporters and photographers barraged them with questions. A snippet of "Savin' The Day" played. The officers and agents told the reporters to stay back. The escort kept the reporters off the Ghostbusters as best they could as they walked up the stairs. An old blue banner "Furnishing the Streets: 1902-1922, September 22-November 30, 1983" was still hanging up above the entrance.

The Mayor was holding a conference in his office with his aides and various department heads. They were gathered in front of a map of New York City with several points pinned. The Mayor stressed the city was blowing up, and no one was giving him any answers. The Police Commissioner bit and informed him bridges and roads were being blocked. The Mayor's aide entered the office and told the Mayor the Ghostbusters were coming. The Ghostbusters and officers filed in. The Mayor switched gears to the Ghostbusters and asked where "Peck" was. Walter Peck forcibly walked between Peter and Ray to the Mayor and introduced himself then declared he was prepared to make a full report: the Ghostbusters were consummate snowball artists, used sensitive nerve gases to induce hallucinations to make people think they were seeing ghosts so they called them, who conveniently showed up to deal with the problem with a fake electronic light show. Ray stated everything was fine with their system until the power grid was shut off by dickless. Peck quickly blurted out they caused the explosion. The Mayor asked them if that was true. Peter admitted it was true, and instead insulted Peck that he had no dick. Peck lunged at Peter. The police officers and the others stepped in and quickly held Peck back to kept them apart until they told everyone to break it up. Peck relented. Peter retorted that was what he heard. The Mayor shouted they were in City Hall then turned to the Fire Commissioner, referred to him by his first name of John, and asked him what was happening. John, the Fire Commissioner sat down on the couch then admitted it was no light show they saw in the morning. He stated he had seen every kind of combustion known to man, but he had no idea what to make of current events. The Police Commissioner told Peck the walls in the 53rd precinct were bleeding then asked him to explain that. Peck had nothing.

The Archbishop entered the office and bid everyone good afternoon. The Mayor was elated and addressed him as "Your Eminence." He got out of his chair and kissed the Archbishop's ring. The Mayor and the Archbishop were on a first name basis. He referred to the Mayor as Lenny and asked him how he was. The Mayor gave the Archbishop a friendly slap on the cheek. The Mayor referred to the Archbishop as Mike and told him he was looking good. The Mayor admitted they were in a real fix and asked him what he thought they should do. The Archbishop stated that officially, the Church was not taking any position on the religious implications of the phenomena occurring then revealed his personal opinion, it was a sign from God. He teased not to quote him on that. Peter quipped that was a smart move. The Archbishop went to sit. The Mayor refused to call a press conference and tell everyone to start praying. The Fire Commissioner and the other official next to him sat back down. The Mayor sat down. Winston stepped forward and introduced himself. Winston prefaced that he only worked for the Ghostbusters for a couple of weeks but ghosts were real because he saw shit that would turn him white. The Fire Commissioner face palmed. Winston walked back to his spot. Peter stepped forward. Peter invited the Mayor to believe "Mr. Pecker." Peck clarified his last name was "Pack." Peter continued and stated his other choice was to accept the fact that the city was headed for a disaster of biblical proportions. The Mayor asked what he meant by "biblical." Ray clarified he was taking about "Old Testament biblical" and "real wrath-of-God-type" stuff. Peter agreed. Ray threw out some examples: fire and brimstone coming from the skies and rivers and seas boiling. Egon added 40 years of darkness, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Winston added the dead rising from the grave. The Mayor stood. Peter stressed there would be human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, then mass hysteria. The Mayor exclaimed that was enough and he got the point. He asked what if they were wrong. Peter promised if nothing happened, they would back go to jail peacefully and quietly and they would enjoy it. Peter started his pitch and pointed out if he was right, and they could stop the end of the world, the Mayor will be credited with saving the lives of millions of registered voters. The Mayor understood the implications and smiled at his advice. The Archbishop also smiled and nodded in approval as well. Peck expressed his concern over seriously considering listening to them. The Mayor thought. Peter smiled smugly and signaled with his eyes. The Mayor finally pointed at Peck and ordered him out of the office. Peter waved goodbye to Peck. A humiliated Peck childishly swore revenge at Peter and the Ghostbusters for his dismissal. The Mayor's aide and an officer walked Peck to the door as Peter quipped he was going to get Peck a nice fruit basket and joked that he was going to miss him. Ray stood straight and nodded. Peck relented and left. The Mayor turned around from the map and looked at the Ghostbusters. He asked them what they needed from him.

A snippet of "Savin' The Day" played. The Ghostbusters, the National Guard and New York Police Department made preparations at the Manhattan Municipal Building. The National Guard roared in unison as they loaded up in their military vehicles parked on the sidewalk up to the corner by a USA Today stand. One of the guardsmen yelled at the others to get the lead out. Reporters at the barricades yelled out questions. Police ran to their motorcycles. Agents spoke into walkie-talkies. A reporter and camera man got out in front of the building. The Ghostbusters waited inside Ecto-1. Peter leaned out of the front passenger seat, and barked, "Come on, let's run some red lights!" The police escort, motorcycles then squad cars, departed and were followed by Ecto-1. The siren wailed. The streets were cleared of all traffic, but the sidewalks are jam packed with people waving signs and cheered. The National Guard began to depart.

Strange dark clouds gathered in the blue sky above the Shandor Building. People on Central Park's Sheep Meadow could see it. A man on a stretcher was wheeled out of the Shandor Building. Firefighters ran inside. A nun clutched her rosary beads. Priests prayed in unison. Women looked up. A group of punk rockers looked up. A group near the Red Cross van held signs urging people to repent like "Repent...for the End is at Hand" or "Are You Ready?", "Repent and Believe", "Repent Now", and "Repent! For the End is Near" National Guardsmen marched past them. Rabbis prayed. People clapped and cheered in response to the Ghostbusters' approach.


Ray: Everything was fine with our system, until the power grid was shut off by dickless here.

Walter Peck: They caused an explosion!
Mayor: Is this true?
Peter: Yes, it's true. This man has no dick.

Peter: Well, you could believe Mr. Pecker.

Walter Peck: My name is Peck.
Peter: Or you could accept the fact that this city is headed for a disaster of Biblical proportion.
Mayor: What do you mean "Biblical?"
Ray: What he means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor. Real "Wrath of God"-type stuff. Fire and brimstone coming down from the sky, rivers and seas boiling ...
Egon: ... forty years of darkness, earthquakes, volcanos ...
Winston: ... the dead rising from the grave ...
Peter: ... human sacrifice, dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria!

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  • In the August 5, 1983 draft:
    • On page 111, the Archbishop is already present when the Ghostbusters arrive. The Regional Director of the EPA and the Governor are listed as being present.
    • On page 112, Winston introduces himself to the Mayor then the Fire Commissioner weighs in and is convinced that explosion was no light show.
    • On page 113, Peter likens Gozer to the biggest disaster since Diana Ross got rained out of Central Park.
  • A snippet of "Savin' The Day" plays at the start of the chapter and after the Mayor asks the Ghostbusters what they need from him.
  • The blue banner "Furnishing the Streets: 1902-1922, September 22-November 30, 1983" was kept up on the exterior of City Hall during filming in fall 1983 but is an anachronism in-universe.
  • Filming was done at the actual New York City Hall for two days.[1][2]
  • Dialogue in the Mayor's office in the first movie changed considerably during rehearsals and shooting.[3]
  • Filming was done at the actual New York City Hall.[4][5]
  • The Mayor's office scene was shot in City Council president Carol Bellamy's office on the other side of the building. Both were identical in design.[6][7]
    • Joe Medjuck, in the commentary, misremembered it as Elizabeth Holtzman's office on the other side of the building where the actual Mayor's office was.[8]
  • Mayor Koch didn't like the cast. Bill Murray then decided he didn't like Koch either and channeled that into the scene in the Mayor's office with respect to Walter Peck.[9]
  • Ray refers to the explosion at the Firehouse seen in Chapter 21: Out of Biz. Peck and the Fire Commissioner also mention it.
  • In a variation of the Mayor's office scene, Ray called Walter Peck 'wee wienie winkie' and Bill Murray broke up completely - a rare occurrence he almost never does. [10]
  • The Fire Commissioner's first name is John, just like the actor who portrayed him John Ring.[11]
  • The Police Commissioner mentions the 53rd precinct. It is located in Queens. He, however, taps up north around Yonkers on the map.
  • David Margulies credits Bill Murray for suggesting the first name basis between Mayor Lenny and the Archbishop and for coming up with the name "Lenny."[12][13]
  • The Archbishop mentions God.
  • At around the 1 hour, 23 minute mark of the Preview Cut, included first in the 2022 Ghostbusters Ultimate Edition, after the Archbishop comments the Church won't comment on the religious implications, he mentions people have been lining up in every church in New York to confess and take communion so they had to put on more priests. The Archbishop confessing he thinks it's a sign from God follows.
  • Ray refers to the Old Testament portion of the Bible.
  • In the July 6, 1983 draft, on pages 105-106, after the Mayor dismisses Peck the next scene is the Ghostbusters giving a presentation to the Mayor with a large map full of pins showing all the hauntings they've been dealing with and how they line up. They discuss Vinz and Peter connects the dots for them about Dana and the Gatekeeper.
  • Newly recovered dailies from a Kansas mine revealed some of the alternate takes and discarded material:[14]
    • Mayor Lenny asks the Ghostbusters if they were using nerve gas and ends with Egon clarifying they wouldn't steal nerve gas, they would make their own.
    • Peter instead saying Peck has "It's true, this man has no genitalia."
    • Instead of the fruit basket line, Peter remarks he's going to have lunch with Peck.
    • When Mayor Lenny asks them what they need, Peter replies, "Whattaya ya got?"
  • At around the 1 hour, 28 minute mark of the Preview Cut, after Mayor Lenny asks him what they need from him, Peter asks he just let them kick some ghosts. The deleted scene "Busy" follows.
  • In reality the City Hall loading dock doesn't exist. The location used was the Manhattan Municipal Building across the street from the real City Hall.[15]
  • There are several takes of Bill Murray getting into Ecto-1 and yelling a different line each time.[16]
  • A USA Today sign briefly appears on the corner before a soldier off-screen says "Get the lead out!"
  • In the August 5, 1983 draft:
    • On page 115, in the City Hall loading dock, Ray tells the Mayor about what will happen: something of really Biblical proportions and real old Testament stuff. Winston and Egon finish charging the Proton Packs off the dock's current. Ray continues and tells the Mayor it's wrath of God type of stuff: seas boil, fire and brimstone falling from the sky, forty years of darkness, earthquakes, mass hysteria, human sacrifice.
      • These descriptors are moved up to the scene in the Mayor's office.
    • On page 116, a police captain tells Peter all the measures they took at the apartment. The Mayor's aide makes a note to alert the Red Cross. Janine tells Egon she's usually very psychic and has a terrible feeling he's going to die. He tells her he's not afraid and Egon sees the universe as a living organism every particle of which is constantly transforming from matter to energy and they are just tiny parts of that organism like bacteria living on a rotting speck of dust floating in an infinite void. She finds it romantic and they hug. Peter reminds everyone that no matter what happens they are professionals.
      • Janine's premonition is moved earlier in the movie in Chapter 20 when Louis/Vinz is interviewed. Peter's line about being professionals is moved up to Chapter 25 after he addresses the crowd.
  • In the September 30, 1983 draft, on pages 115, there is now the sequence with Janine giving Egon her lucky coin that is seen in the Deleted Scene: Busy.
  • During the City Hall filming, Stephen Dane was walking west on Park Row towards Broadway when Ecto-1 drove past him to set up for a shot. Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson all waved at Dane and he waved back at them.
  • The shot of the Shandor Building from Central Park was once again taken at Sheep Meadow like in Chapter 06: Spook Central.
  • The Central Park West exterior scene was shot in New York.

IDW Comics

  • The back cover of the Ghostbusters Volume 2 TPB is a homage to when the guys talk to Mayor Lenny about mass hysteria in Chapter 24 "Biblical" with quotes on an invoice.
  • On page 4 of Ghostbusters Volume 1 Issue #15, a plaque refers to "Wally Wick," an alternative to the infamous "Dickless" line from the first movie used in TV broadcasts.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #1:
    • On page 10, the officers present from left to right are the Police Commissioner and one of the cops who escorted the Ghostbusters to City Hall in the first movie.
    • On page 13, by the Mayor is the crisis map the Police Commissioner utilized in the first movie
  • On page 17 of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #14, in the ABS News ticker is "Darkness! Earthquakes, Volcanoes" - part of the classic 'Mass Hysteria' line from the first movie when the Ghostbusters talk to Mayor Lenny.
  • On page 19 of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #18, Peter inquires about human sacrifice, something mentioned in the Ghostbusters' Mass Hysteria speech to Mayor Lenny in the first movie.
  • On the Dramatis Personae of Ghostbusters International Issue #1, Winston's biography alludes to his "seen shit that will turn you white" line from the first movie.
  • On the Subscription Cover of Ghostbusters Deviations, the Ghostbusters are depicted in handcuffs, as a nod to Peter telling the Mayor if they were wrong they would go to jail.
  • On page 12 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #1, in panel 4, in Peck's desk is a nice fruit basket, a nod to Peter's line when Peck was ejected by Mayor Lenny. Still on the wall is the framed award referencing the Wally Wick alternate line.
  • On page 3 of Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary: Ghostbusters, Peter is wearing his blue sweater vest, shirt, brown pants combo before on the back cover of the Volume 2 trade paperback with a brown coat based on the scene in the first movie when the Ghostbusters talk to Mayor Lenny.
  • On page 2 of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #1, in panel 1, the Archbishop refers to when the Ghostbusters convinced Mayor Lenny to allow them to take on Gozer.


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