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Crossing Streams is the twenty-eighth and last chapter on the DVDs of Ghostbusters. In this chapter the Ghostbusters Cross the Streams. The credits start at timestamp 1:37:26 standard black credits start at timestamp 1:40:05.






Egon Spengler told everyone to hurry. Peter Venkman told Ray Stantz he would see him on the other side. Peter opened fire on the Temple of Gozer, past its open doors. Ray told Peter it was nice working with him. Ray fired, too, and they crossed their streams just as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man's head appeared behind them. Ray cued Egon. Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore fired. Ray implored Egon to cross the streams. The crossed streams made an odd sound. Stay Puft saw what was going on and a horrified look came on its face. The four proton streams combined into one big one, blasting right into the temple. An explosion was triggered. The Ghostbusters ceased fire and ran off screaming. Stay Puft was caught in the blast wave and blew up. Marshmallow residue shot out everywhere. Civilians ran for it as the residue rained down on them. A firefighter tried to put out some residue on fire with an extinguisher. Walter Peck stood near Ecto-1. He looked up and shielded himself. A large glob of residue fell on him. He screamed and cursed. The sky cleared. The roof was in ruins. The other dimension was gone. The other side of the building was visible through the structure. The Terror Dogs were statues again. Ray came to in a corner. He was covered in marshmallow residue. He saw Winston next to him and asked him if he was all right. Winston chuckled and confirmed he was. Winston was also covered in residue. Ray called out to Peter and Egon. Egon groaned. He, too, was covered in residue and stood up from the other side from Ray and Winston. Ray asked Egon if he was okay. Egon remarked he felt like the floor of a taxi cab. Peter went over to them. He had very little marshmallow residue on him. Winston chuckled. Ray double checked that everyone was all right.

They surveyed the damage and saw a charred Terror Dog statue. Ray blurted out that it smelled like barbecued dog hair. He realized his grievous error and apologized to Peter. Peter was melancholy. He turned and looked at Ray then walked away. Part of the statue's arm chipped off and fingers reached out. The claw fell off. Peter turned around. Dana groaned. Ray got everyone's attention. The Ghostbusters broke open the statue with their hands. Peter chopped at the arm. Egon and Winston broke off the top part, Ray pulled at the body, and Peter lifted Dana out. Louis, with a Terror Dog statue head on his head, walked around helplessly asking if somebody turned out the lights. Peter told the others to check on him. Ray, Egon, and Winston ran over to help them. Ray removed the Terror Dog head. Louis asked what happened. Dana came to. She was in a daze and asked where she was. Dana noticed Peter. Egon and Ray helped Louis out. Louis looked around and guessed the superintendent was going to be pissed. They helped him down. Ray asked him if he was okay. Louis looked at them and asked who they were. Ray answered they were the Ghostbusters. Louis looked at them again then asked who did their taxes. Peter led Dana away. Ray, Egon, and Louis started to walk off. Ray told Louis was a most fortunate individual. Louis agreed. Ray explained he was a participant in the biggest interdimensional crossrip since the Tunguska blast of 1909. Louis commented it "felt great." Egon added they would like to get a sample of his brain tissue. Louis unwittingly agreed to it. Winston threw up his hands and cheered. He declared, "I love this town!" and laughed.

A snippet of "Ghostbusters" played. Day had returned. The crowds cheered for the Ghostbusters. Credits started to roll. Dana, in a robe with a floral print, was a little embarrassed. Peter and Dana kissed on the lips. Peter mimicked being overwhelmed. Dana shook the hand of a civilian then walked back to Peter amazed. He gestured her to Ecto-1. Ray smoked a cigarette, now wearing the Ecto-Goggles, and he waved at the crowd. Peter escorted Dana into Ecto-1. A priest blessed Peter. Egon exited the Shandor Building. Janine Melnitz ran into his arms. They hugged. She patted his cheeks. They walked to Ecto-1. Louis came outside next, covered in a brown blanket, and waved. He asked if anybody wanted to interview him. He added he was an eyewitness. Two Red Cross employees tried to guide him to their station but Louis calmly protested. He wanted to leave with the Ghostbusters. He pointed. They escorted him away. The doorman opened the driver side doors of Ecto-1. Egon helped Winston take off his pack then he placed it on Ecto-1's gurney in the back. Ray shook the doorman's hand. The doorman got the driver door for Ray and saluted him. The priests performed the sign of the cross. The agents directed them. A reporter and camera man backed away as the former spoke into his microphone. Ecto-1 reversed. The reporter tried to get a comment. The crowd parted to let them through. Agents in trench coats spoke into their walkie-talkies. A hare krishna man danced. People held up blue T-shirts with their logo on it. Ray checked the back then turned the wheel as he went forward slowly. The siren wailed. Peter high-fived a few from the front passenger seat. As Ecto-1 drove off, the crowd chased after it. Slimer flew above the crowd in the opposite direction, screaming, and right into the camera. Fade to black. The final credits rolled.

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Ghostbusters (1984) Trivia

  • The Temple of Gozer set was on Stage 16 in Burbank Studios in Los Angeles.
  • The shot of the Ghostbusters crossing the streams was used as a photograph in the New York Post newspaper in Chapter 14: Welcome Aboard.
  • In the August 5, 1983 draft, on page 133, the Ghostbusters simply shoot at the temple and destroy it. In the maelstrom to follow, Stay Puft is blown up and Louis and Dana are turned back into humans. This remains in the September 30 draft, too.
  • In preparation for the detonation of the temple, Thaine Morris had Mark Stetson and this team wield up a frame of steel that was a quarter inch thick on the temple. Deflector aprons were also discussed to deflect the blast out the sides and help simulate the explosion described in the original illustration.[1][2]
  • Thaine Morris rigged the Temple of Gozer model with four napthalene bombs.[3]
  • The explosion was reshot several times. Each time, the explosion was toned down. The final explosion was still big enough that no one should have survived it in realistic terms (but that was part of the joke).[4]
  • Virgil Mirano, a still photographer for Entertainment Effects Group, had the "unique privilege" of being hit in the head by an errant bench when Thaine Morris detonated the Temple of Gozer set for the ending of the first movie.[5]
  • The marshmallows that rained down on Central Park West were two hundred pounds of shaving cream released by Chuck Gaspar's physical effects team from a giant plastic bag attached to a crane. It was mixed in 500 gallon batches.[6][7][8]
  • According to Ivan Reitman, William Atherton expressed concern about having 2000 pounds of shaving cream dropped on him. Reitman tested it on a stunt man first.[9][10][11] In contrast, according to Atherton, he approached the assistant directors and asked how much the cream weighed. He was told it was about 100 pounds. Atherton was concerned about the weight and asked if it would be okay if they tested the impact first. The assistant directors conceded to his point and brought in a stuntman. The stuntman was knocked flat on his back. Atherton suggested taking out 25 pounds or so.[12]
  • Someone suffered a bad reaction to the shaving cream because it was menthol.[13]
  • The New York set had less of the shaving cream present in shots.[14]
  • Jason Reitman kept some foam of the shaving cream dumped on William Atherton for years in his bedroom.[15]
  • At around the 1 hour, 46 minute mark of the Preview Cut, included first in the 2022 Ghostbusters Ultimate Edition, marshmallow residue lands on the Ghostbusters as they crouch in their spots.
  • There was an unscripted addition to the aftermath of Stay Puft's destruction. His hat was to fall down onto the street.[16] A giant aluminum-reinforced sailor's hat, 18 feet in diameter, was lowered by a giant crane. For time purposes the gag was cut from the final version of the movie.[17]
  • At around the 1 hour, 47 minute mark of the Preview Cut, the deleted scene "Puft Hat" appears. The Ghostbusters calling out to each other is extended. The deleted scene "No Louis!" appears.
  • Once the preliminary shooting was completed, the main unit went to other sets while DeCuir's team redressed the set as the demolished version for the final scenes in the movie.[18]
  • When the Ghostbusters emerge covered in marshmallow, they are wearing the stunt packs.
  • Dan Aykroyd asked for the most shaving cream among the four Ghostbusters.[19]
  • In the October 7, 1983 draft, on page 92, the sequence of Ghostbusters digging Dana and Louis out of the charred Terror Dog remains appears for the first time.
  • Sigourney Weaver was sealed inside the charred Terror Dog so there was an urgency to do the scene.[20]
  • Ivan Reitman made the sequence of Dana being freed from the charred remains seem slower by repeating shots on angles.[21]
  • Louis asks the Ghostbusters who does their taxes. Five years later, he becomes their accountant in Ghostbusters II.
  • In the September 30, 1983 draft, on page 133, Dana notes the wreckage and says next time she wants to break a lease she'll know who to call. Louis bets he could write off all damage as an Act of God.
  • Ray mentions Tunguska Blast of 1909. In real world history, the Tunguska event took place on June 30, 1908. It is generally attributed to the air burst of a stony meteoroid about 330 feet in size even though an impact crater was never found.
  • The "Ghostbusters" song plays after Winston declared, "I love this town!"
  • The last scenes were filmed in front of the 55 Central Park West building in New York.
  • The last scenes were filmed at the end of principal photography in New York.[22]
  • Dana's rooftop costume at the end of the movie wasn't assigned during early location shooting so Sigourney Weaver was simply given a floral robe, leaving the audience to assume she picked it up on the way downstairs.[23]
  • At around the 1 hour, 51 minute mark of the Preview Cut, Winston takes Peter's Proton Pack off as they walk outside to the cheering crowd.
  • In the final scene, Ray is now inexplicably wearing his Ecto Goggles.
  • Ray unplugs his leg hose as he gets in Ecto-1 and the doorman shakes his hand.
  • Bill Walton, during his time with San Diego Clippers, appeared among part of the crowd outside the Shandor Building near the Ecto-1 as the end credits began playing.
  • In the final shot of Ecto-1 driving way, a 65mm camera was used. They could only do one take because they were losing daylight.[24]
  • As an afterthought in post-production, Ivan Reitman came up with the idea to include Slimer in the last shot.[25]
  • When the final credits rolled. "Cleanin' Up The Town" played, then the "Ghostbusters Theme" from the score starting at around Assistant Production Coordinator. Then "Magic" played at around the New York Crew. "Savin' The Day" started at around Effects Man Robert Spurlock. At the end of the soundtrack credits, more from the score played.
  • In the July 6, 1983 draft, Ghostbusters became Ghostbusters International, a high rolling multinational corporation. Egon and Janine married in Las Vegas with Louis as their witness, Ray paid another visit to Fort Detmerring, Winston arrived at headquarters in a limo, and Peter and Dana hung out at her apartment as a baby chick hatched out of an egg in the kitchen.[26]
  • In the August 5, September 30, and October 7, 1983 drafts, the ending changes to the Bums, later known as Robert Learned Coombs and Harlan Bojay, examine the marshmallow residue and conclude there is a very large cup of hot chocolate near by somewhere. The movie ends with the Ghostbusters driving off in the Ectomobile with the people cheering them on wildly.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trivia

  • Gary Grooberson refers to when the Ghostbusters blew up the roof of 550 Central Park West in the 1984 movie.
  • One of the clips in the video Gary plays is a daily of Egon and Janine hugging at the end of the movie.
  • One of the side ads when Phoebe Spengler watches the Ghostbusters commercial is of the scene when Slimer flies towards the camera at the end of the first movie.
  • On the drive back to Summerville in search of Muncher, Podcast mentions the finale of the first movie.
  • During the meeting in Spinners Roller Hop, the finale of the first movie is mentioned.
  • In the mine, Podcast concludes 1908 was for the Tunguska blast.
  • When the Trap Field is activated, the Mini-Pufts look like when the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was caught in the explosion from the Ghostbusters crossing the streams.
  • One of Lucky Domingo's hands emerges first from the Zuul husk similar to the end of the first movie.
  • Gary somewhat recalls he had sex with Callie while they were possessed and she confirms it. In the first movie, there is a deleted scene "No, Louis!" where Louis somewhat recalls it but Dana flat out denies it.
  • Podcast emerges from Ecto-1 covered in marshmallow residue much like three of the Ghostbusters at the end of the first movie.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Trivia

The Real Ghostbusters Trivia

88 MPH Comics Trivia

  • On page 6 of Ghostbusters: Legion Issue #1, Peter notes Winston shaved his mustache but in the previous newspaper clip, the photo of the post-Gozer battle mistakenly shows Winston already without a mustache.

IDW Comics Trivia

Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Trivia

  • Ray's "barbecued dog hair" line is used by Patty Tolan in the Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) alternate extended scene Soups & Salad to described the smell coming off Rowan North, who electrocuted himself to death.
  • Near the end, one of the movie theater displays is for "Welcome to the Other Side," a possible nod to when Peter remarks, "See ya on the other side, Ray" in the first movie.


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