In Ghostbusters the Deleted Scene: Stake Dean Yeager tells Peter Venkman and the others that it could have been worse, he could have been like astronomer Phileas with his head on a stake.





A man walks behind Peter and takes Ray and Egon's gear. Peter, shocked, asks if they're being moved to a better space on campus. Dean Yeager confirms they are being ejected from campus. The Board of Regents decided to terminate their grant. Peter found the situation preposterous and demanded an explanation. Yeager reiterated the University would no longer fund their research. Peter adds the students loved them. Yeager explains the purpose of science is to serve mankind but Peter seems to regard science as some kind of "dodge" or "hustle." He finds Peter's theories to be the worst kind of popular tripe, methods sloppy and conclusions are highly questionable. Yeager declares Peter to be a poor scientist and he has no place in this department or in this University. Yeager is about to walk away but Egon steps forward. Egon asks if he and Ray are also terminated. Yeager replies they are.

Ray and Egon take Peter aside. Ray reminds Peter said he supposedly floored everyone at the Regents' meeting. Peter apologizes and walks forward. Peter muses his confidence in the Regents was misplaced. Yeager keeps his back turned to Peter. Peter continues and declares such a thing happened to Galileo, too. Yeager turns around and reassures him it could have been worse. They took the astronomer Phileas and staked his head to the town gate. Peter simply replies, "Ouch." Egon is speechless.

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