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Ghostbusters II (aka Ghostbusters II: Junior Novel[1] in fan circles to reduce confusion) is a novelization written by B. B. Hiller based on Ghostbusters II. It was published by Dell Publishing in 1989. The novel has many of the scenes deleted during the making of Ghostbusters II, like The Real Ghostbusters Starring in Ghostbusters II which featured deleted scenes in the comics.


The story was expanded on in the novelization and covered among other things, deleted scenes.

  • Page 10
    • Dana called Egon before coming to his Lab at the university.
  • Page 13
    • Dana thinks Janosz accent sounds like Count Dracula.


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UK Edition Differences

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The edition released in the United Kingdom is pretty much the same as the U.S. edition, but Paul from Spook Central (Fan Site) has noted the following differences:

  • The page numbering is different. For example, the page on which Chapter 1 starts is numbered "9" instead of "3".
  • Formatting is pretty much the same, though some text is moved. For example, at the bottom of the first page of Chapter 2, the U.S. version ends with the "Mrs. Gallt" sentence, and has the sentence about Ray and Winston on the next page. In the U.K version, the Ray and Winston sentence is included on that first page. That change in sentence placement throws off the rest of the chapter in regards to what text is on what pages.
  • Outlined text (like the first letter in a chapter) is filled-in black - though the same font is used.
  • British versions and spellings of some words are used. For example, on the first page of chapter 1, "pram" is used in place of "carriage". On the second page of Chapter 10, "curb" is replaced with "kerb". On the first page of Chapter 11, "humor" is spelled "humour".
  • In the U.S. version, the first sentence of a chapter is NOT indented. In the U.K. version, it is.
  • In the U.S. version, the page numbers at the bottom of the pages have dashes on the sides for style. The U.K. version just has the numbers by themselves.
  • All photos are the same, though some are flipped (noted below) or may be cropped differently on the sides.
  • The photo of Dana in Chapter 3 is flipped.
  • The photo of Vigo at the end of Chapter 5 is flipped.

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