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Start is the first chapter on the DVDs of Ghostbusters II. This Chapter shows Dana Barrett in her neighborhood five years after the events of the first movie.








"5 YEARS LATER" appeared on the black screen.

A small amount of pink Psychomagnotheric ectoplasm oozed out through a crack in the sidewalk. The wheels of a baby carriage rolled through the ectoplasm. Dana Barrett pushed the carriage down the sidewalk and passed by other New Yorkers. A man argued with a meter maid over a parking ticket. He told her to keep the ticket because he was not paying it. He threw the ticket to the ground, pointed at the meter maid, then turned to his car. The meter maid laughed at him. A young man crashed into a young woman on crutches. He turned to her briefly and apologized, but kept his stride and ran on without stopping. She exclaimed and shouted he should watch where he was going. A pair of women passed by Dana carrying snow skis. One of the women admitted to the other that someone was only interested in her buns. Dana approached her apartment building at 325 East 77th Street. Frank, the superintendent, gave some orders to a repairman. Frank was clearly agitated with the repairman's progress or lack of. Frank went step by step and told the repairman to go downstairs to the cellar, check the water lines to the boiler, and check the pump. He wanted it down that day and asked him if he could do that. The repairman nodded and went inside after bumping into a dog being walked. Dana asked Frank for help. Frank quipped he was not the doorman, he was the building's superintendent. Dana handed him her two full D'Agostino grocery paper bags to carry. She noted he was also a human being. He decided to do her the favor. She asked him when he was going to get around to fixing the radiator in her baby's room. The baby carriage began to roll away from them. Frank thought he already did that. Dana told him it was getting really cold in there then she noticed carriage was on the move and stuttered. Frank told her it was no problem. The carriage continued to roll away. Dana went to it. It rolled away even faster. The infant cooed. She ran after it and yelled out for someone to stop the carriage.

Moving men at 335 East 77th Street carried a rolled up carpet from the back of their Ford truck. They dropped the carpet and turned their attention to the carriage. The carriage suddenly swerved on its own accord to the right onto the street. Dana continued to yell out. The carriage rolled head on towards a car coming in the opposite direction. The freaked out driver honked his horn. The carriage turned right at the last second. Dana continued screaming. The carriage turned left around a taxi cab that braked and dodged a bicyclist who fell over. Dana lunged for it but missed. It continued back onto the sidewalk and passed by a dog walker and several barking dogs. Dana got back up and kept running and yelled out for someone to stop the carriage. The carriage went off the sidewalk right into the intersection of East 77th Street and First Avenue. It passed four lanes and honking cars. The carriage stopped suddenly, just before it was about to get hit by a bus driving by in the fifth lane. The horn honked as it drove past the carriage. Dana ran into the street and picked up Oscar, holding him close to her.

A snippet of "Ghostbusters" started. The screen faded to black. Mist swirled on screen and became the Ghostbusters II logo. The screen faded to a street during the day. A very dirty Ecto-1 drove through the city. It made noises hinting at its disrepair. It passed Columbus Avenue and West 89th Street. It later passed by the St. Moritz Hotel at 50 Central Park South then 2 Columbus Circle, turned onto Broadway and then ended up back on Columbus Avenue, turning onto West 88th Street. Ecto-1 pulled up at at 420 East 78th Street and parked in front of brownstone buildings. Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore got out. Winston got out of the front passenger seat and walked to the rear. Ray stepped out of the driver's side with a cigar in his mouth. Ray and Winston, now fully suited up as Ghostbusters, walked through a home with the mother. They passed by an elderly woman leaning on a dining table. Ray asked her how many of them there were. She replied there was 14 and hoped they could handle it then exclaimed it was like a nightmare. Winston asked how big there were. She estimated four feet and held out her arm to indicate the height. Winston and Ray exchanged looks. There was a birthday party going on. Children ran around in a frenzy and made a lot of noise. The mother tries to get everyone's attention. Ray and Winston entered the room and greeted the children with faux enthusiasm. Winston had a little boombox in hand. The children booed them. One disappointed boy thought it was gonna be He-Man. Winston directed everyone to sit down and they would have fun. Jason, an older boy, walked up to Ray and told him his dad said the Ghostbusters are full of crap. A second mother told him to hush. Ray noted some people had trouble believing in the paranormal. Jason clarified his dad said the Ghostbusters are full of crap and that was why they went out of business. The second mother grinned. Ray held back and cued Winston. Winston pressed play and the "Ghostbusters" song played. The mother cued everyone. The Brownstone mothers and the children started to clap in rhythm. Ray and Winston danced and sang along with the tape and they ended at "If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call?!" They paused for the children to answer. The children exclaimed, "He-Man!" then got up and the chaos resumed. Ray and Winston lost their buzz and bleakly sang, "...and it don't look good..." Ray proposed getting a beer after. Winston agreed.

Some time later, Ray and Winston exited the Brownstone. A Christmas wreath hung on the front door. Ray was wearing a birthday hat. Ray thanked the mother and told her to call any time. Winston stated he was not doing anymore parties. Ray handed Winston his share of the money. Winston was tired of taking abuse from over-privileged nine-year-olds. He opened the rear of Ecto-1. Ray understood where he was coming from but noted the holidays were coming up and that was their best season. Winston pulled out the gurney for the Proton Packs. Winston took the party hat off Ray's head and told him to face the truth, the Ghostbusters no longer existed and in one year, those children would not even remember who we are. Ray became glum and called them ungrateful little yuppie larva despite all they did for New York. Winston helped Ray take off his Proton Pack. Winston recalled they conjured up a hundred-foot marshmallow man, blew the top three floors off an uptown high-rise, and ended up getting sued by every state, county and city agency in New York. Ray looked back at it fondly.

Dana Barrett walked through Columbia University campus, near the Low Library, to the Institute for Advanced Theoretical Research. It stood where Weaver Hall once was five years ago. She looked at a crumpled piece of paper then stepped into the building after two older men exited. In a laboratory, Dana told Egon Spengler about the incident and how it ended right in the middle of traffic. Egon leaned over and wrote something then stood up straight and turned around while Dana told her story. He asked her if anyone else saw it happen and grabbed a thin printout. Dana noted hundreds of people saw it and assured him she didn't imagine it. Egon explained in science they always looked for the simplest explanation. One of Egon's assistants told him they were ready. Egon walked over to a large glass window. A camcorder was set up to record. Egon was pleased and stated they would start with the negative calibration. Dana asked him what he was working on. Egon explained he was trying to determine whether human emotions actually affect the physical environment and added it was a theory he and Ray had when they were still Ghostbusters. There was a frustrated couple inside a waiting room. Egon and Dana observed them through a two way mirror. The husband was yelling inaudibly. Dana asked if the couple could see them. Egon confirmed they could not and revealed the couple thought they came for marriage counseling. He kept them waiting for two and a half hours while gradually increasing the temperature in the room. He noted it was now up to ninety-five degrees at the moment. He pointed out his assistant was asking them if they would mind waiting another half hour. The husband became angrier. He threw down his coat jacket and pounded against the wall. The assistant left the room. Egon examined his readings and was very pleased. Dana asked him what he thought. He found it excellent then turned to his other assistant. He wanted to do the happiness index next. Dana clarified she meant the carriage. Egon wrote down some notes then went to observe another room. A little girl inside played with stuffed animals. He looked into a camcorder eyepiece then asked if it was okay to bring Ray in on it. Dana was fine with that but she was against Peter Venkman being involved. Egon quickly assured her he would not. She inquired if he ever saw Peter. Egon replied he did occasionally. He flipped some switches on a machine bank. She asked how Peter was doing. Egon noted he was was borderline for a while then he crossed the border. She asked if Peter ever mentioned her. Dana smiled in anticipation of a "yes" from Egon. He replied, "No." Dana's smile broke. Egon ran his Monitor 4 Radiation Detector over her while her back was turned to him. Dana admitted they did not part on very good terms and then sort of lost track of each other after she got married. Spengler's assistant walked up to them and alerted Egon they were ready for the affection test. Egon instructed her to send in the puppy. An adorable puppy was handed to a little girl in the observation room. Dana admitted she thought of getting in touch with Peter after her marriage ended then she noticed the girl and the puppy. They squatted low and watched the girl with the puppy. Dana told Egon she appreciated his help. Egon told her to try not to worry. They stood up and walked. Dana handed him a piece of paper with her phone number. He agreed to call her. She clarified she preferred him not to tell Peter anything. Egon promised he would not. She kissed him on the cheek and thanked him. Egon was pleased. After Dana left, he turned to his assistant and told her he wanted to see what would happen when they took away the puppy.


  • In the September 29, 1988 Draft:
    • On page 1, Lane Walker returns to her apartment in Greenwich Village. She has a conversation with Frank the Superintendent. She thanks Frank for help with the groceries and promises she will "get the hang of it." Frank makes funny faces at her infant son Mikey. While Lane takes back the groceries, he offers to help take them up. The carriage vibrates as if it was shaken by an unseen hand. She asks Frank if he has time to look at the radiator.
    • In the movie, it starts on the the Psychomagnotheric Slime coming up through a crack in the sidewalk. The carriage simply starts rolling slowly then fast.
  • In the November 27, 1988 Draft and February 27, 1989 Draft:
    • The opening starts with an aerial shot of Manhattan starting with the Statue of Liberty and drifting towards Greenwich Village. Dana Barrett walks to her apartment and has a longer conversation with Frank the Superintendent. She thanks Frank for help with the groceries and promises she will "get the hang of it." Frank makes funny faces at Oscar.
    • On page 2, Oscar's carriage vibrates as if it was shaken by an unseen hand then the brake unlocks. The carriage does not make any contact with the Psychomagnotheric Slime in these drafts.
  • The opening scene was filmed in the Upper East Side near the apartment building at 325 East 77th Street.
  • At the start of the movie, Dana and Oscar are returning home from shopping at a D'Agostino store as evidenced by the D'ag paper bag she is carrying.
    • Based on the direction Dana came from, her apartment's address, and Oscar being taken to First Avenue, they likely shopped at the D'Agostino on 76th Street at 1074 Lexington Avenue.
  • In Dana's grocery bags, Wise Popcorn Tender Eating Baby Corn can be seen in one.
  • The possessed baby carriage scene was filmed at the beginning of production during the two weeks of location shooting in New York.[1]
  • The baby carriage chase at the start of the movie is geographically accurate. It starts at Dana's apartment building at 325 East 77th Street and heads south to the intersection of East 77th Street and First Avenue where it stopped. After the carriage is nearly hit by the bus, the green awning of Cho-Sen Food Shoppe Ltd. is visible, further proving the intersection is E. 77th and First. [2]
  • Chuck Gaspar, physical effects supervisor, built five radio-controlled carriages for the baby carriage chase. DC motors were placed in the buggy baskets, drive shafts, a steering system, and two braking systems to stop the wheels and slow the carriage were utilized. Gaspar brought in two-time national champion driver of miniature cars Jay Halsey, both having worked on Dirty Harry movies, to steer the carriage.[3][4]
  • In the deleted scene This Is Hard for Me, Egon asks Dana about the route of the buggy incident seen in Chapter 01: Start.
  • In the August 5, 1988 Draft:
    • Pages 3-5 entail an early version of Ecto-1 speeding up Broadway on the Upper West Side and the birthday party Ray and Winston perform at. Ray and Winston, in Ecto-1, have the exchange about how many they have to deal with. Whereas, in the movie, the exchange takes place with the Brownstone Mother. Winston is stated to be thinking of quitting the party business. Ray says someone has to do it and jokes, 'who else are they going to call? Bozo?'
    • On page 4, they arrive at The Brownstone on West 77th Street. They walk through a set of French doors to a small backyard and join the party. The kids cheer for the Ghostbusters. A couple of weary parents sink into their lawn chairs.
    • On page 5, a child thought Bozo was coming to the party.
    • On page 5, Ray retells the final battle from the first movie. He alludes to 550 Central Park West and mentions the two Terror Dogs. After the story, the Brownstone Boy #2 tells Ray his father thinks they were full of crap. Ray tries to change the subject with science and asks the children if any of them ever saw a hard-boiled egg get sucked through the mouth of a Coke bottle.
    • The party scene is preserved into the September 29, 1988 Draft.
    • Most of this is preserved in the November 27, 1988 Draft but some notable differences are:
      • On page 6, Ray is kicked in the leg by the Brownstone Boy, who asks about He-Man in the movie, then Ray grabs him by the shirtfront and tells him, "I'm watching you."
      • On page 7, Ecto-1 won't start after the party.
      • On page 8, after Ray remarks 'what a ride,' he continues with "You can't make a hamburger without chopping up a cow." Ecto-1 finally starts but dies. Ray bangs his head on the steering wheel.
  • In the February 27, 1989 Draft:
    • On page 6, Ray is now kicked in the leg by Brownstone Boy #2 then he grabs the boy by the shirtfront and tells him, "I'm watching you." The story about 550 Central Park West is no longer present.
      • An aspect of this scene survives into the final version of the movie. When Ray says "Song," Ray is turning from Jason as the boy sits down clutching his shirtfront before he joins in with the other children.
  • "Ghostbusters" plays at the end of the carriage scene.
  • Ecto-1 opens on Columbus Avenue and West 89th Street. It later passes by the St. Moritz Hotel at 50 Central Park South then 2 Columbus Circle, turns onto Broadway and then ends up back on Columbus Avenue, turning onto West 88th Street.
    • 2 Columbus Circle is actually three blocks away and in the opposite direction from the St. Moritz Hotel in the previous shot.
  • The exteriors of the Brownstone were filmed at 420 East 78th Street New York, NY 10075.[5]
  • The interiors of the Brownstone were filmed in the captain's quarters on the third floor of Fire Station No. 23 at 225 East 5th Street in Los Angeles.[6][7]
  • One of the boys references He-Man, a fictional superhero and the main character of the sword and sorcery-themed Masters of the Universe franchise.
  • The boy who tells Ray his father thinks the Ghostbusters went out of business because they were full of crap was portrayed by Jason Reitman, son of director Ivan Reitman and the co-writer/director of Ghostbusters: Afterlife.
  • Ray and Winston dance to and sing the "Ghostbusters" song as it plays.
  • Ray refers to Winston by a nickname of "Z."
  • Winston alludes to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and 550 Central Park West.
  • In the August 5, 1988 Draft:
    • On page 9, Lane Walker has the core backstory that becomes Dana's in the movie - not married, has an infant child, and her significant other is estranged with her.
    • On page 12, Peter remarks 'in science you always look for the simplest explanation.'
    • On page 13, Lane's apartment is revealed to be a brownstone in Greenwich Village and the runaway baby carriage scene occurs.
    • On page 14, the incident takes place on Sixth Avenue.
    • On page 15, Peter saves the boy and carriage from the city bus by jumping on and propelling it forward.
  • In the August 5, 1988 Draft, on page 16, Peter goes to the Einstein Institute for Advanced Theoretical Research on the campus of Columbia University to seek out Egon's help. Egon is lecturing a class on the subject of quantum theory. On page 20, Egon refuses to do any ghostbusting but Peter insists it is only a consultation.
  • In the September 29, 1988 Draft:
    • On page 10, it is revealed Lane partly lied to her boss Jason Locke and she heads to the Einstein Institute for Advanced Theoretical Research on the campus of Columbia University.
    • On page 11, Lane finds Egon lecturing about celestial mechanics.
    • On page 12, Lane tells Egon about the carriage. She confirms hundreds of people saw it. He tells her they look for the simplest explanation first. Lane mentions she remembered the old Ghostbusters commercials.
      • In the movie, Dana and Egon have a similar discussion in his lab at the Institute.
    • On page 13, Egon calls up Ray and tells him he has something that sounds psychomagnetheric and he agrees to help, too.
      • In the movie, Egon tells her not to worry then Dana kisses him on the cheek and leaves.
  • In the November 27, 1988 Draft and February 27, 1989 Draft:
    • On page 15, the appointment Dana left work at the Manhattan Museum of Art for after Janosz tried to ask her out turns out to be her meeting with Egon Spengler at the Institute for Advanced Theoretical Research.
  • In the November 27, 1988 Draft:
    • On page 16, Egon explains he's trying to determine whether human emotional states have a measurable effect on the psychomagnetheric energy field.
    • On page 17, Egon doesn't recall Peter mentioning Dana. Egon does not scan Dana like in the movie. As the girl hugs the puppy, Dana gives Egon her contact information.
    • On page 18, Dana shakes Egon's hand and leaves whereas in the movie Dana kisses him on the cheek and leaves.
  • Dana walks through Columbia University campus near Low Library, like Peter, Ray, and Egon did after they encountered the Library ghost in the first movie.
  • The Institute is a stand-in for where Avery Hall is located on the Columbia University campus. Avery Hall is where the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation is located.
  • Valery Pappas, the woman arguing with her husband in Egon's lab, would later provide the voice of the Ghost Bride in the Extreme Ghostbusters episode "Till Death Do We Start"
  • The girl who gets the puppy was portrayed by Catherine Reitman, daughter of director Ivan Reitman.
  • In Chapter 24: A Harbor Chick, Slimer picks up Louis Tully in a city bus two blocks away from where the carriage chase ends in Chapter 1.[8]
  • In Chapter 28: World is Safe Again, there is a shot of Ray and Winston dancing during the party in the Brownstone.
  • In Ghostbusters: What in Samhain Just Happened?!:
    • On Page 6 , making appearances at children's parties is referenced.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 1 #2:
    • On Page 7, Winston mentions not going back to birthday party appearances.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 #1:
    • On Page 2, also witness to the kidnapping is the arguing married couple Egon ran tests on in Ghostbusters II
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 #1:
    • On Page 6, Ecto-1a is parked outside 325. Based on the address and designs, the Ghostbusters are investigating at Dana Barrett's apartment building from Ghostbusters II.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 #8:
    • On Page 23, the Brownstone Boy from the party in Ghostbusters II heckles Ron with a spin on the line he used on Ray.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 #11:
    • On Page 4, Krampus' target is the Brownstone Boy from the birthday party in Ghostbusters II.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 #17:
    • On Page 6, behind the rings is the 'The Brain' chart from Egon's laboratory, nearest the two way mirror, in the Institute for Advanced Theoretical Research.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 #18:
    • On Page 15, on the chalkboard is a He-Man themed party flier called "Parties of the Universe," a nod to who the children were expecting at the birthday party near the start of the second movie. The top note is "Does kid parties?" - a further nod to the scene and Winston's disdain for them. The bottom note refers to Ray's line after the party about those "ungrateful yuppie larvae".
  • In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters #4:
    • On Page 3, in the last panel, left of Winston, is a bag of Wise Popcorn.
  • On Cover RI of Ghostbusters Year One Issue #4, Egon is in his vest and tie from Ghostbusters II Chapter 1: Start.


Ray: Ungrateful little yuppie larva.


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