Two in the Box is the twelfth Chapter on the DVDs of Ghostbusters II. This Chapter the Scoleri Brothers are captured by the Ghostbusters. This Chapter also features the montage.




[proton pack being turned on]

Peter: Do ...
[proton pack being turned on]
Ray: Re ...
[proton pack being turned on]
Egon: Egon ....

Ray: Two in the box ...

Egon: Ready to go ...
Peter: We be fast ...
All: And they be slow.

Peter: We're the best ... we're the beautiful .. we're the only ... GHOSTBUSTERS.

Ray: We're back!


  • When Peter, Ray, and Egon emerged and declare they're back, the female reporter holds up her microphone to them. The microphone logo indicates she is from WKRR.
  • For the first montage a night shot of Ecto-1a was filmed at the corner of East 76th Street and First Avenue, evidenced by 3-Star Diner, located at 1463 First Avenue.[1]
  • For the first montage, Egon and Ray collect Psychomagnotheric Slime from the steps of the Church of St. Paul the Apostle at 8-10 Columbus Avenue.[2]
  • The Jogger Ghost was captured on the jogging path that goes around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis Reservoir in the northern part of Central Park.
  • In the Ghostbusters commercial, Janine is reading the Cosmopolitan magazine November 1988 issue.
  • For the first montage, Egon and Ray collect Psychomagnotheric Slime from a pay phone on West 59th Street across from the 910 9th Avenue side of Coliseum Park Apartments a block over from the Church of St. Paul.[3]
  • For the first montage, Ecto-1a was filmed driving on FDR Drive between East 36th & East 37th Streets.[4]


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