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Mood Slime is the thirteenth Chapter on the DVDs of Ghostbusters II. In this Chapter Egon and Ray show Peter and Winston they finding about the "Mood Slime".






The Ghostbusters gathered around a table on the second floor of the Firehouse. Egon Spengler took a sample of the Psychomagnotheric ectoplasm in tupperware out of the microwave. Ray Stantz explained to Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore that they were experimenting with the ectoplasm they found in the Van Horne subway tunnel. Peter jokingly asked if he should get spoons. Egon told him not to bother and cued Ray to demonstrate their discovery. It was 2:30 on the clock on the wall by the refrigerator. Ray angrily shouted at the ectoplasm and insulted it, calling it a "worthless piece of slime" and "ignorant, disgusting blob." The Psychomagnotheric ectoplasm bubbled in reaction to Ray's shouting. Egon joined in called it "nothing but an unstable, short-chain molecule." Ray called it a "foul, obnoxious muck." Egon derided its weak electrochemical bond! Winston and Peter looked at each other. Winston stopped Ray mid-insult. Egon flashed his hands to stop. Peter asked them if this is what they did with their spare time. Ray pointed out it was an incredible breakthrough, the discovery of a psychoreactive substance. He explained it reacted to human emotional states. Peter nicknamed it "Mood slime." Egon turned away in disbelief. Peter admired it. It bubbled. Winston got that it feed on bad vibes. Ray confirmed it was like a cop in a doughnut factory. Egon revealed they were running tests to see if they could get an equally strong positive reaction. Peter inquired what kind of tests they performed. Ray carefully replied they sang to it and told it supportive, nurturing things. Peter got to the point and wanted to know they were not sleeping with it. There was an awkward silence and sense of uneasiness from Ray and Egon. Peter and Winston teased them. Winston remarked it was always the quiet ones. Peter called Ray a hound.

Egon suggested a demonstration of the kinetic test. He took a toaster from the kitchen counter and stated it was an ordinary household one. Peter quipped he was taking him for his word on that. Ray placed some of the ectoplasm into the toaster with a spoon. Egon placed the toaster on the billiards table. Ray explained the ectoplasm responded to music so they tried easy listening, middle-of-the-road type stuff like Paul Young and "Dust In The Wind." Peter joked it worked for him. Egon revealed it loved Jackie Wilson. Jackie Wilson's "(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher" was played. Peter kept joking and asked them if this was what they did at night when he was not around the Firehouse. He joked he thought the toaster sounded exactly like Jackie. Egon told him to just watch. Peter asked if it could do Emmylou Harris. The toaster hopped up. Peter realized it danced, too. The toaster moved around like it was dancing. The guys smiled. Ray played along. The toaster ejected toast. Egon caught them. The music was turned off. Peter hugged the toaster and happily declared it was his number one Christmas boutique gift item. Winston was suspicious it would eat someone's hand the minute someone got mad. Peter stated they would put a warning label on it for liability reasons then recoiled in pain. Egon quickly took the toaster away. It was just a prank. Peter gestured like he poked Egon's eyes and relished how easily they fell for it. Ray screamed as they tussled playfully.

A Santa Claus rung his bell as the day went on. People walked in and out of the Manhattan Museum of Art. Dana Barrett ran up the stairs.

Some time later, Peter stopped at the guard's station in the museum. He greeted Rudy, the museum guard, and stated he was looking for Dana. Rudy told him to go to Room 304, Restoration. Peter thanked him. Rudy realized he was Dr. Venkman from "World of the Psychic" and Peter perked up. Rudy stood up and shook Peter's hand. He claimed he was a "big, big fan." Peter thanked him for the kind words. Rudy revealed World of the Psychic used to be one of his two favorite shows. Peter was curious what the other one was. Rudy told him it was "Bass Masters" and explained it was a fishing show. Peter noted he knew "Bass Masters" and continued on. Rudy snapped his fingers in delight.

In the Restoration room, the Vigo painting smiled at Dana as she walked by. His expression returned to normal just before she looked up. She was worried. Peter entered the room and found her cleaning a painting. He pulled the easel away and took a look. He complimented her work and her eyes. Dana was wearing magnifying lens. Dana corrected him. She did not paint it, she was just cleaning the Gauguin. Peter pretended he knew the artist. Janosz Poha arrived and asked to be introduced. Dana presented Janosz to Peter and emphasized he was the head of the Restoration department as more of a warning. Instead of shaking Peter's hand, Janosz touched it. Peter looked at Dana and slowly wiped his hand across his sweater. Janosz admitted he saw Peter on TV and enjoyed his exploits. He joked he hoped Peter was not there on business. Peter wiped his hand on his sweater again. Peter quipped his reasons were top-secret. He saw the Vigo painting and went over to it, remarking he had a Gauguin, too.

Janosz informed Peter he was preparing the portrait for the new Romantic exhibition and it was of Prince Vigo, the ruler of Carpathian and Moldavia. Peter imitated Vigo's pose, to Dana's amusement. Janosz went up on the step ladder. Peter remarked Vigo was a bit of a sissy. Janosz stated he was a very powerful magician and a genius in many ways. Dana added he was also a lunatic and a genocidal madman. She hated the painting and felt uncomfortable ever since it came up from storage. Peter theorized she was probably feeling what Vigo was: Carpathian kitten loss. He missed his kitten. Dana smiled while Peter grabbed some paint and pretended to add one by the castle. Janosz stood between Peter and Vigo. He was naturally put off by the suggestion of altering valuable artwork and believed it was time for him to go. He declared the joyfulness was over. Dana tried to tell him Peter was just kidding around. Peter noted he was not going to get a green card with that attitude. Peter walked away and turned to Dana. He jested she was sweet on the hunky stud. Dana admitted every now and then, she got the feeling that painting was watching her and even smiling at her. They noticed Janosz talking to Vigo and gesturing to them. They exchanged looks of concern.


  • In the August 5, 1988 draft, on page 87, Cumbaya, All You Need Is Love, Give Peace a Chance, It's a Small World, and Ray Steven's Everything is Beautiful are listed as songs that have a calming effect.
  • The Mood Slime scene was shot on the second floor of Fire Station #23 at 225 East 5th Street in Los Angeles.
  • Ray alludes to the New York Pneumatic Railroad from Chapter 8: Down the Shaft.
  • In the second floor kitchen, there is a Dustbuster on the top of the refrigerator. Next to it is a box of Scoopy's Cups ice cream cones on top of the fridge.
  • A five packs of Cheese-N-Crackers are on top of the microwave. The periodic table of the elements is posted on the wall behind the microwave.
  • One of the arcades is Jump Bug by Rock-Ola released in 1981.
  • After Egon picks up the toaster and sets it on the table, there is reflection on the toaster of a crewman and stage light.
  • Ray mentions English singer-songwriter Paul Young and the song "Dust in the Wind" from American progressive band Kansas.
  • Egon mentions Jackie Wilson then plays his song "(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher".
  • Dan Aykroyd suggested using a Jackie Wilson song.[1]
  • Peter mentions American singer-songwriter Emmylou Harris.
  • A poster of the Hotel Lincoln on the wall by the billiard table.
  • The toaster used is a two-slice chrome Toastmaster B700 model that first came out in 1978.
  • For the Dancing Toaster scene, Chuck Gaspar and his crew mounted tiny air cylinders inside the toaster at various spots. The power cord was used as the air supply line. Microswitches were hooked in ad on cue they fired off the cylinders and the toaster bounced around the billiard table.[2]
  • In the August 5, 1988 Draft, on page 51, Peter visits Lane Walker, a new love interest that replaced Dana in early drafts. She works on Madison Avenue at Nu Kloze, a contemporary fashion boutique selling expensive French and Italian clothes.
  • In the September 29, 1988 draft:
    • On page 55, Ray tells Peter and Winston they have something to show. Peter asks if it's that thing he can do with his nostrils then if they're going to eat the slime.
      • In the movie, it opens with everyone gathered at the table already. Peter asks if they need a spoon.
    • On page 57, Ray likens the slime to a baby on mother's milk. Peter ponders the implications and estimates there are at least two million miserable assholes in the five boroughs with bad vibes.
      • In the movie, Ray likens the slime to a cop in a doughnut factory. Peter's two million line is used when the Ghostbusters meet with the Mayor later on in Chapter 19: Scaring the Straights
    • On page 58, Egon calculates in magnetheric terms, there is enough energy to light Cincinnati until the year 2035. Ray informs them the energy would turn New York into applesauce.
      • In the movie, this is omitted.
    • On page 59, Lane takes off her robe. The slime coalesces into a large frog-like creature. She starts to step into the tub and sees the creature. She plugs in a hairdryer, turns it on, and drops it in the tub, electrocuting the creature then she flees. Rudy lets Peter into the museum early next morning to talk to Lane. Mikey, the precursor to Oscar, is near her in an infant seat.
      • In the movie, the bathtub attack happens after Peter's visit. Dana runs away with Oscar.
    • On page 60, Lane reveals she stayed at a hotel overnight. Peter informs her he sent Ray over to investigate. He notices the Vigo painting then tells her she can stay over at his place. Vigo's head turns. Peter maintains things will be strictly professional.
    • On page 61, Peter attempts to cheer Lane up and fools around with her tools. He thinks the Van Meer she is restoring needs more yellow. There is a moment when she grabs his hand. Jason arrives, slightly winded as if he was summoned by Vigo.
      • In the movie, Peter looks at her Gauguin painting thinks Dana is really good then she informs him she's just cleaning.
    • On page 62, Peter meets Jason Locke. Jason notes he has seen him on television and the Vigo is a self-portrait.
      • In the movie, most of Jason's lines are preserved but Janosza's broken English is added.
    • On page 63, Peter remarks Vigo could have smiled for his portrait and suggests he needs a 'Mona Lisa job' but Jason tells him you don't go around altering valuable paintings. After Peter leaves, Jason offers to help babysit Mikey.
      • In the movie, Peter calls it 'Carpathian Kitten Loss' and it ends on Peter and Dana watching Janosz talk to the Vigo painting.
  • In the November 27, 1988 and February 27, 1989 drafts:
    • On page 54, Rudy is reading a National Enquirer featuring "Ghostbusters Save Judge."
      • In the movie, Rudy is reading a Star magazine featuring "Ghostbusters Save Mayor" and "Team of Venkman Stantz & Spengler in heroic deed." This museum scene appears during the first montage of activity.
    • On page 55, Dana tells Peter she's restoring an original Ver Meer worth $10 million. Peter jokes should knock off early and let him chase her around in the park. Peter suggests $45 paintings from Art World.
      • In the movie, Dana is restoring a Gauguin. Peter doesn't talk about cheap art or the case.
    • On page 56, Peter tells Dana they think the river of slime might be connected to her carriage moving on its own. He is introduced to Janosz. Peter jokes he's not trying to unload all his Picassos.
      • In the February 27, 1989 Draft, this part is no longer present.
    • On page 57, Janosz says the Vigo painting is for the new Byzantine exhibition and it is a self-portrait, boasting he was a skilled painter. Peter jokes it's not something you'd want to hang in the rec room and reckons it needs a fluffy little white kitten in the corner. Janosz grabs his arm. Peter advises him to make an exception. Dana looks at him with disapproval.
    • In the movie, Janosz says it is for a new Romantic exhibition. Peter jokes Vigo has Carpathian kitten loss. The rest is omitted.
    • On page 58, Peter teases her she has a crush on Janosz. Dana calls him a very sick man.
      • In the February 27, 1989 Draft, Dana just tells Peter good-bye. Peter says he would like to stay but he doesn't have time to hang around.
    • On page 65, Peter and Winston go into the living quarters and are exhausted. Ray tells Peter and Winston they have something to show. Peter asks if it's that thing he can do with his nostrils then if they're going to eat the slime.
      • In the February 27, 1989 Draft, this is moved up to page 58 and is all one scene.
      • In the movie, this scene takes place before the museum visit and it opens with everyone gathered at the table already. Peter asks if they need a spoon.
    • On page 66, only Ray yells at the Psychomagnotheric Slime. Ray and Egon sing "Cumbaya" to the slime. Egon plays the guitar.
      • In the movie, both Egon and Ray yell at the slime. The rest is omitted.
    • On page 67, Ray likens it to giving someone a live hand grenade. After Winston realizes it feeds on bad vibes, Ray confirms it would be like a goat on garbage.
      • In the movie, Peter and Egon's lines are omitted and Ray likens it to a cop in a doughnut factory.
    • On page 68, Vigo turns his head and watches Dana go back to her workbench. She turns suddenly and catches a movement. She leaves the studio.
      • In the movie, the bit of Dana being paranoid walking back to her workbench is at the start of the scene. The scene ends with Dana and Peter watching Janosz talk to the Vigo painting then looking at each other.
    • On page 80, Ray takes the tupperware of slime out of the microwave and he and Egon awkwardly react to Peter's question about them sleeping with it.
      • In the movie, this scene comes right after Ray yells at the slime rather than after the museum visit.
    • On page 81, the toaster is animated with slime and "Higher and Higher" and Peter wants to sell it. Egon notes they are investigating practical applications and thinks it could be a useful tool against certain types of manifestations. Ray reveals they have a prototype for a pressure-forced, neutronically metered, fully portable delivery system and sums it up as a "slime-blower." Peter sarcastically asks him to keep it under 150 pounds. Peter then pranks them about the toaster bit him.
      • In the movie, this scene comes right after Ray yells at the slime. The toaster test goes right into Peter's elation and prank.
  • The lobby scene was filmed at the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House at 1 Bowling Green in New York City but the restoration room scenes were filmed at Burbank Studios in Los Angeles.
  • Rudy is reading a Star magazine featuring "Ghostbusters Save Mayor" and "Team of Venkman Stantz & Spengler in heroic deed."[3][4]
    • The photo of the trio is from a promo shot taken during production of the first movie in New York at 696 Madison Avenue which became the Ecto-1 Parking Ticket deleted scene.
    • For unknown reasons, the second Star magazine prop with the title "Ghostbusters Save Judge" was not used in this scene.
  • Rudy mentions Restoration is Room 304 at the Manhattan Museum of Art.
  • Rudy mentions the fishing show Bass Masters.
  • The Gauguin Dana was cleaning was the Still Life with onions, beet root and Japanese print.
  • In Chapter 20: Kidnapping Oscar, Winston brings up the animated Toaster with the Psychiatric Doctor.
  • In Chapter 23: The Statue of Liberty, Winston brings up the animated Toaster before he and Ray slime the inside of the Statue of Liberty.
  • In Chapter 28: World is Safe Again:
    • A shot of Ray during the slime demonstration appears with the Dan Aykroyd end credit.
    • A shot of Janosz on the step ladder grimacing at Peter's arrival off-screen appears with the Peter MacNicol credit.
    • Egon does a funky dance with his arms on the second floor of the Firehouse during the slime demonstration scene.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 1 #3:
    • On Page 9, the dancing Toaster is on the shelf.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 1 #12:
    • On Page 9, there is a poster of Jackie Wilson, who did "Higher and Higher".
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 1 #13:
    • On Page 10, Janosz recounts several events from Ghostbusters II: when Vigo possessed Ray, when Janosz checked on Dana Barrett during the blackout, when Ray embraced Janosz at the end, and when Peter tried to paint kittens on Vigo.
    • On Page 13, the T-shirt on display references the Bass Masters show mentioned by the security guard at the Manhattan Museum of Art in Ghostbusters II when Peter first visits.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 1 #14:
    • On Page 4, part of the Vigo painting is to Janine's left. It appears Peter finally dealt with the Carpathian Kitten Loss and drew a cat on one of Vigo's arms.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 1 #16:
    • On Page 10, Ecto-1a's screen board advertises "Dancing Toaster, only $9.99!"
    • On Page 20, the poster on the right advertises the dancing toaster and quotes Peter's line, "You're my number one Christmas boutique gift item!"
  • In The X-Files: Conspiracy: Ghostbusters:
    • On the Cover RI, the newspaper refers to Egon and the Psychomagnotheric Slime sample's implied relationship.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 #13:
    • On Page 3, at Egon's mention of a toaster, Peter makes a joke, referring to the awkward scene in Ghostbusters II.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 #15:
    • On the Regular Cover, on the planner, the 1:00 notes toaster stock - likely nod to the Animated Toaster.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 #18:
    • On Page 7, as mentioned in the previous issue, the Vigo painting is shown having been drawn all over. It includes a cat - a nod to Peter's 'Carpathian Kitten Loss' line in the second movie.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 #20:
    • On Page 8, the top frame among the group of three by Ivo Shandor's Mother is the "Still Life with onions, beet root and Japanese print" by Paul Gauguin in 1889. In Ghostbusters II, Dana Barrett was cleaning this Gauguin in the Manhattan Museum of Art when Peter visited her.
  • In Ghostbusters: Get Real #1:
    • On Page 10, on the table is a container of Psychomagnotheric Slime and a Scoopy's Cups box. Both appeared in Ghostbusters II, Chapter 13 "Mood Slime" when Egon and Ray demonstrate the ability of the slime. The Scoopy's Cup box was on top of the refrigerator.
    • On Page 18, one of the arcades is Jump Bug from Ghostbusters II.
  • In Ghostbusters: Get Real #2:
    • On Page 17, in panel 3, the box left of Ray of Dimension 68-R is the Toastmaster Toaster Model B700 from McGraw-Edison - a nod to the Animated Toaster in Ghostbusters II.
    • On Page 19, in panel 5, on the chalkboard written down is 'Christmas Boutique Item' -- a nod to the animated toaster in Ghostbusters II.
  • In Ghostbusters: Get Real #3:
    • On Page 2, Ray Stantz, from The Real Ghostbusters, appears to be holding the Animated Toaster.
    • On Page 11, the arcade Peter is playing is the Jump Bug one seen in Ghostbusters II when Ray and Egon demonstrate the Psychomagnotheric Slime.
  • In Ghostbusters: Get Real #4:
    • On Page 5, in panel 2, once again, on the right is the Jump Bug arcade.
  • In Ghostbusters International #1:
    • On Page 15, Peter is wearing his blue sweatshirt from Ghostbusters II.
  • In Ghostbusters International #10:
    • On Page 16, the arcade on the left is Jump Bug from Ghostbusters II.
  • In Ghostbusters Annual 2017:
    • On Page 31, in panel 3, the animated toaster is chained down.
  • In Ghostbusters 101 Issue #1:
    • On Page 7, in panel 2, on the table is a toaster - nods to Ghostbusters II.
  • In Ghostbusters: Funko Universe:
    • On Page 2, Peter wears his blue sweater from Ghostbusters II.
  • In Ghostbusters 101 Issue #3:
    • On Page 24, in the Psychomagnotheric ectoplasm section, the animating bullet point lists statues and toasters - a nod to when a toaster and the Statue of Liberty were animated in Ghostbusters II.
  • In Ghostbusters 101 Issue #5:
    • On the Subscription Cover, near the vehicles is the Animated Toaster.
  • In Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #1:
    • On Page 7, in panel 2, the toaster atop the shelf appears to be a nod to the Dancing Toaster.

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Janosz: Doctor Venkman, go. Yes, I think, go, yes. The joyfulness is over.

Dana: He's kidding.
Peter: Well you're not gonna get a green card with that attitude, pal.


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