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Ghostbusters vs. Vigo is the twenty-sixth chapter on the DVDs of Ghostbusters II. In this chapter, the Ghostbusters confront Vigo.





The Restoration room's atmosphere turned eerie. A draft blew through. Egon Spengler checked his Sound Level Meter. A fixture suddenly crashed behind Egon and a black hose wrapped around Dana. The Ghostbusters went to her but she yelled to them to get Oscar away. Ray Stantz wanted to get a knife to cut Dana out. Peter Venkman took Oscar behind some boards and placed a blanket on the floor for him to rest on. He told Oscar to stay put and be quiet while he helped his mom. Vigo fully manifested in the room. As he walked, there were after-images behind him. Egon saw him first. Ray ordered Vigo to hold it and called him a deadhead. He advised to go ahead and knock up some willing hellhound if he wanted a baby. Otherwise he had three seconds to get back in the painting. Ray started the count with one second. Peter stood up from his position with his particle thrower already drawn and counted two seconds. Ray counted three seconds. Peter and Egon fired on Vigo. Vigo winced. Ray was pleased they got him. Vigo snarled, threw out his arms, broke the streams, unleashed a pulse of energy, and the Ghostbusters fell to the ground and were immobilized.

Winston Zeddemore remarked that was really stupid. Egon asked Ray if he could move. Ray confirmed he could not then asked Egon if he could. Egon stated he could not then asked Peter how he was. Peter joked he was fine. Vigo found Oscar's location and used telekinesis to move the boards aside like a sliding door. He smiled and held up Oscar. Dana was scared and implored the Ghostbusters to do something. Peter decided to heckle Vigo. He told Vigo not so fast. Vigo gave him a look. Peter confirmed he was talking to him, the bimbo with the baby, then asked him if anyone told him the big shoulder look was out. Peter admitted he had met some dumb blondes in his life, but Vigo took the taco. He stated only a Carpathian would come back to life now and choose New York then called him a bonehead over his 'tasty pick.' Peter declared if he had a brain in that huge melon on top of his neck, he would be living the sweet life out in Southern California's beautiful San Fernando Valley. Vigo fired energy rays from his mouth at the Ghostbusters. They were covered in the rays and convulsed in pain. Peter winced and exclaimed, "Oh darn it. Oh, darn it!"


Ghostbusters II Trivia

  • As of September 23, 1988, during storyboards, Henry Mayo and Tim Lawrence illustrated concept art in which Vigo's spectral essence was strong enough to animate the exhibits he walked by in the art museum.[1]
  • The restoration room was filmed in Burbank Studios.
  • When Peter hassles Vigo, he alludes to the broad shoulder look in women's fashion of the 1980s.
  • Peter also mentions San Fernando Valley.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trivia

  • Peter stalls Gozer by heckling and rambling.

IDW Comics Trivia


  1. Wallace, Daniel (2015). Ghostbusters The Ultimate Visual History, p. 136. Insight Editions, San Rafael CA USA, ISBN 9781608875108. Line reads: "A storyboard for an early Ghostbusters II concept by Henry Mayo in which Vigo's spectral essence is sufficient to animate the art museum's exhibits."


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