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In Ghostbusters II the Deleted Scene: Dana's Curse is a scene on First Avenue and East 77th Street.





Egon Spengler turned on the Giga meter and waved it over the spot on the First Avenue where the baby carriage stopped. The indicator on the meter went into the red and made a rapid sound. Ray Stantz declared the honey pot and believed there was something brewing under the street. He revealed he got 1118 on the P.K.E. Meter. Egon got 2.5 GEVs on the Giga meter. Dana Barrett asked what that meant. Peter joked it was technical. Dana became more worried and asked why her and why her baby carriage. She asked if there was something about her that just attracts the supernatural. Ray continued taking readings with the P.K.E. Meter. Egon speculated it was possible she had a genetically-linked etheric emanation that predisposed her to paranormal vulnerability. Dana surmised that was a "Yes." Egon nodded. Peter called Egon insane and wrote it off as coincidence. He claimed anyone could have been turned into a Terror Dog bent on trying to destroy the city. Ray wrote some notes down on his notepad. He tried to change the subject and pointed out there old dry cleaners. He joked they might still have some of his clothes and walked her off. Dana asked him what she was going to do. She admitted she was frightened. Egon looked at Ray's notes. Ray admitted it could not be right.



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