In Ghostbusters II the Deleted Scene: Jack Buys It, Jack confronts the Ghostbusters again, Peter informs Lenny that they were placed in Parkview Psychiatric Hospital by Jack, and ultimately Jack tries to deal with the Slime on the Museum.




A police escort arrives at the Manhattan Museum of Art with Mayor Lenny's limousine. Jack Hardemeyer emerges and immediately tells the Ghostbusters to leave. The Mayor asks the fire captain if he can get into the museum. The captain replies jokingly, maybe with a nuke. Lenny then asks why this is all happening. Peter chimes in, they tried to explain but Jack had them committed to Parkview Psychiatric Hospital. Jack flips out and orders the Ghostbusters to get rid of the slime. He pounds on the slime shell and gets sucked in. They can only see Jack's shoes embedded in the outer layer of the shell. Lenny turns to Peter and orders him to say what they need.


  • There is yet another take on this scene called "Peter's Concern" which also features Peter talking with Lenny and the demise of Jack in the wall of slime.
  • Part of this scene, Mayor Lenny stepping out of his limousine, is reused for the end credit featuring David Margulies.
  • Peter gives Jack the nickname "Mr. Hard-On". [1]


  1. Peter Venkman (2014). Ghostbusters 1 & 2 Gift Set (2014), Ghostbusters II, Jack Buys It (1989) (DVD ts. 00:31-00:36). Columbia Pictures. Peter says: "Yes, we tried to tell you last night but we got locked up in the loony bin by Mr. Hard-On."

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