In Ghostbusters II the Deleted Scene: Louis' Secret Louis Tully straps on a Proton Pack and hunts for Slimer in the Firehouse on ground level.




Louis comes down the stairs to the ground level of the Firehouse searching for Slimer. He then catches sight of Slimer in a bicyclist's rearview mirror. Janine comes in from the back near Peter's office when Louis fires at Slimer near her. Slimer turns around and flies out of view. Louis realizes he almost hit Janine and stops. Janine asks why is he firing a Particle Thrower. Janine notes that the green ghost is okay, and that there is no need to fire at him. Louis then notes that he is secretly in training to be a Ghostbusters.


  • This scene appears to be a alternate to the scene when Janine is asked by Louis to go out to eat. Some of the footage inside the firehouse of Janine answering a call, then letting Louis know she is getting ready to leave for the day.
  • It appears part of this scene, showing Slimer in Louis' mirror, was reused for the Slimer title card at the end of the movie.
  • Another shot of a pole where Slimer is was later used in the montage when Slimer is eating Louis's lunch.
  • Louis calls him "Stink Man", which goes along with the idea that Slimer stinks to a degree.
  • Janine suggests that Slimer was not deemed a threat in the Firehouse. Somewhat, suggesting that he is tolerated by her. [1]


  1. Janine Melnitz (2014). Ghostbusters 1 & 2 Gift Set (2014), Ghostbusters II, Louis' Secret (1989) (DVD ts. 00:48-00:50). Columbia Pictures. Janine says: "Oh. Oh, he's all right."

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