In Ghostbusters II the Deleted Scene: Louis and Slimer Get Off Bus Louis Tully gets off the bus along with Slimer.




When Louis Tully got off the bus, Slimer entered frame and rushed intently up to Louis and patted him on the shoulder. Slimer wanted to go with Louis really badly but Louis told him he can't. Slimer became sad and Louis tried to cheer him up. It worked but Slimer hugged Louis and gave him a big kiss then flew off.[1]


  • While this scene was completely deleted in the film, in the third part of "NOW Comics The Real Ghostbusters starring in Ghostbusters II", a scene where Slimer drops off can be seen.
  • In the February 27, 1989 version of the Ghostbusters II, it is suggested the scene took place right after the defeat of Vigo when the new painting of the four Ghostbusters and baby Oscar appears.[2]
  • Once again Louis notes that Slimer stinks. This seemed to be a theme that Louis would note that about Slimer.
  • Janine suggests that Slimer was not deemed a threat in the Firehouse. Somewhat, suggesting that he is tolerated by her. [3]


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