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In Ghostbusters II the Deleted Scene: Possessed Ray Driving Ray Stantz is briefly possessed by Vigo following the Ghostbusters' unannounced visit to the Manhattan Museum of Art.





Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman, and Winston Zeddemore discussed their findings by Ecto-1a. Egon made some calculations and revealed the restoration room had P.K.E. levels at max-plus. Peter told Ray to conduct more research on Vigo and Janosz Poha. Ray Stantz stared out at the museum vacantly and walked to the driver's side door without acknowledging Peter. Ray began driving very fast and angrily. He honked the horn, called a driver an idiot and ordered him to move. He weaved in and out of traffic. Winston got concerned and asked Ray about how fast he was driving. Ray took offense. He sped up even more and honked the horn again. He ran a red light and pedestrians leaped out of the way. Winston exclaimed he was going to kill somebody. Ray smiled evilly and declared he was going to kill everybody. Winston socked Ray, grabbed the wheel, and stomped the brakes. Ecto-1a skidded into a tree. Everyone stumbled out of the car but were all okay. Ray snapped out his trance and apologized to everyone. While everyone checked on Ecto, Peter told Egon to keep an eye on Ray and not to let him shave.


  • The opening scene was filmed outside the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House at 1 Bowling Green in Lower Manhattan.
  • Vigo and Janosz Poha are mentioned.
  • A sequence of the driving segment was reused for the first montage seen in Chapter 12: Two in the Box. It was when Ecto-1a takes a hard left turn. This was shot heading north on Hudson Street, turning west onto Barrow Street (roughly 460 Hudson Street / 93 Barrow Street) in New York City.

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