In Ghostbusters II the Deleted Scene: Statue of Liberty Back in Place takes place weeks after Vigo is defeated by the Ghostbusters. The Statue of Liberty is back on Liberty Island. Mayor Lenny and a host of officials are commemorating her return with a special ceremony with the Ghostbusters, Dana Barrett, Janine Melnitz and Louis Tully are in attendance as honored guests. As the festivities begin, the Ghostbusters reflect on their respective ancestors first coming to America. Egon's came from Ostrov in Eastern Poland and Ray's great-grandparents were Swiss and he still has photographs they took of the Statue of Liberty when they arrived. Peter Venkman recalls Ray's were after cheese or something. He then askes Winston Zeddemore who muses his ancestors weren't taking pictures from the slave ship as they arrived in Charleston Harbor. Winston turns to Dana Barrett and asks her. Peter chimes in and jokes her family was around since the year 12. Dana corrects him, since 1620. Peter admits he's little of everything - some Irish, some German, some French, Dutch - because the women in his family slept around. Dana scolds Peter for the last part. Peter reiterates it's a free country and he thanks the Statue of Liberty. Slimer flies out one of the observation windows of the Statue and flies toward the screen.



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