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Ghostbusters II (Deleted Scenes) are scenes and different takes of parts of the movie that have appeared. In 2014, some of Ghostbusters II's Deleted scenes were released on Ghostbusters 1 & 2 Gift Set (2014) Blu-Ray. However, many known deleted scenes that were used in making the montage and the credits have yet to surface.

List of Deleted Scenes

Officially Released

Not Yet Released



Miscellaneous Shots

Chapter 3: Dr. Janosz Poha

Chapter 12: Two in the Box

Chapter 13: Mood Slime

Chapter 16: Vigo 101

Chapter 18: In The Runnel

Chapter 20: Kidnapping Oscar

Chapter 21: Tenth Level of Hell

Chapter 25: Breaking and Entering

Chapter 27: The Fifth Ghostbuster

Chapter 28: World is Safe Again