Ghostbusters Credits for all versions and content.


The credits get updated from the standard version.


Note that if there is no citation next to a credit that it means that it is present in default credits.

(DA)=Deleted Scene or Alternate Scene only (also not accredited in film credits)
(SL87)=from Starlog, Issue #87
(MGB)=Noted in Making Ghostbusters book; Honeymooners on page 65, Bums on page 121
(V06261984)=from Variety 6/26/84, as many crew were left out of the credits in the film for space
(GBFF2019)=listed in Ghostbusters Fan Fest 2019 Program Book "Panel: How'd They Do That? - A Discussion with the Ghostbusters Special Effects, Production and Puppeteering Team"
(VICE) Sports Section Story "Bill Walton Was in the Original 'Ghostbusters'"
(DGINSTA)=Debbie Gibson on Instagram

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