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Ghostbusters Official is the website owned and operated by Sony for the Ghostbusters franchise. It has been located at since its inception in 1999 for the 15th anniversary of the first movie (and the 10th anniversary of the second movie). Note, the Shop/Store is covered here.


Summer 1999 - Sony acquired the domain name, which was briefly used by Bill Emkow for The Ghostbusters Homepage shortly before the takeover. The first version of the official Ghostbusters website was designed to look like the menus from the 1999 DVD release of Ghostbusters, which was heavily promoted. The site was available in static html and interactive Flash versions, though the design and content was the same in both.

  • 15th Anniversary Sweepstakes Headquarters
  • Ivan Reitman Q&A - Questions were accepted between June 29-July 13, 1999; 25 of them were posted on July 26, 1999; some from Paul Rudoff of Spook Central (Fan Site) and Chris Stewart of Proton Charging (Fan Site)[2].
  • About Ivan Reitman - Filmography.
  • DVD ROM Info - Ad for the Ghostbusters 1 & 2 1999 DVDs listing its features.
  • Buy Ghostbusters Now - Prices and links to buy the 1999 DVDs and VHS of both films.
  • Shop Our Video and DVD Store - Link to the Columbia TriStar Home Video website.
  • 15th Anniversary Sweepstakes Rules

2009 - After 10 years, the site was redesigned with a new interactive street scene. The Flash-based design featured little Easter Eggs for fans when parts of the site were clicked upon. This version of the site was designed to promote the 2009 Blu-ray release of Ghostbusters, as well as the franchise's 25th anniversary, and the primary new feature was a gallery of images from the first two films.

  • Blu-Ray & DVD - Information and links to buy both films on all then-current video formats.
  • Consumer Products - A photo gallery of all officially-licensed Ghostbusters merchandise.
  • Photos - A photo gallery consisting of 76 images from both Ghostbusters films, the majority of which were approximately 600x400 pixels in size.
  • Message Boards
  • Register For Updates - Sony's mailing list.

Spring/Summer 2014 - Although only five years old, the site was briefly taken down and replaced with an "Under Construction" mini-site.

  • Link to Official Store Site
  • Newsletter
  • Trailer
  • Photo Gallery - A small collection of 12 images, all approximately 600x400 pixels in size.
  • News

August 2014 - A newly-designed vertical scrolling site was introduced for the 30th anniversary of the franchise, and to promote the Ghostbusters 1 & 2 Blu-ray set.

  • Link to Official Store Site
  • Newsletter
  • Photo Gallery - A small collection of 12 images, all approximately 600x400 pixels in size.
  • Advertisements for the Ghostbusters 1 & 2 Gift Set (2014)|Ghostbusters 1 & 2 Blu-ray set.
  • 30th Anniversary Commemorative Print Collection - A small gallery of 15 officially-licensed artwork from Gallery 1988 artists.
  • Videos - The movie trailer, 30th anniversary sizzle reel, and videos starring fans.
  • Cast - Nine biographies of the cast, including Stay Puft and Slimer.
  • Social Feed - Embeds of the official Ghostbusters Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.
  • Games - Information and links to buy the mobile games Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast, Respawnables, GSN Casino – Ghostbusters Slots, and Ghostbusters by Beeline Interactive.
  • Get Tickets - Buy tickets for 30th anniversary theatrical showings of Ghostbusters.
  • Get News & Updates - Sony's mailing list.

February 2016 - To promote the 2016 reboot film, the website was revamped with galleries for the original two films and the reboot.

  • Ghostbusters Photo Gallery - A gallery of 80 images (some for Ghostbusters II), most approximately 1620x1080 pixels in size.
  • Ghostbusters II Photo Gallery - A gallery of 36 images, most approximately 1620x1080 pixels in size.
  • Ghostbusters 2016 Photo Gallery - A gallery of 14 images, most approximately 1620x1080 pixels in size.
  • Ghostbusters 1 & 2 Cast Biographies
  • Ghostbusters 2016 Cast Biographies
  • Videos - Trailers for the two original films and the 2016 reboot, all embedded from YouTube.
  • Games - Information and links to buy the mobile games Ghostbusters: Puzzle Fighter, Ghostbusters Pinball, The Respawnables, Monster Dash, and Fruit Ninja.
  • Link to Official Store Site

June 2018 - From May 23rd to June 7th"?" the site is a page for "Under Construction" and a screen up noting Ghostbusters Day is June 8th.

Photo Edits[]

In early February 2016, the website was updated with galleries for the original two Ghostbusters films and the 2016 reboot. Several photos for the original film have been blurred or digitally altered from their original versions. The blurring is mainly focused on faces of people in crowds or in the background, while the edits remove text that refer to other companies. A possibly complete list of blurs/edits was posted to Spook Central (Fan Site). [3] Edits of a similar nature occurred in the Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Visual History book, which would likely mean that the edits were done by Sony before they gave the photos to Insight Editions to use in the book.

In the two examples included here, the temple doors are blurred in the first photo, and the name "Sniffer" and company placard were digitally removed from the equipment Ray is holding in the second photo.

Interestingly, some of the edited photos from the February 2016 update appeared in the 2009 version of the site in their original unedited form. The "We're Ready To Believe You" firehouse photo seen above is one such photo, as is the photo referenced on Spook Central of the Ecto-1 (from the opening of Ghostbusters II) with a green truck in the background.

However, the 2016 update was not the first time that edited photos were used on the site. A photo of a library ghost marquette/puppet was heavily altered when it appeared on the site in the 2014 update. A Coke can and some artwork on a wall was digitally removed and some artwork on a purple background was blurred out. Below is the original photo as it appeared in the 2009 site's photo gallery and the edited 2014 version.

Creative Assets[]

On October 29, 2016, Ghost Corps provided on facebook a link to the uploaded creative assets.[4]

List of files released:

  • Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II files
    • (Was missing the "d" at the end)
    • gb_ca3.psd
    • gb_ca6.psd
    • gb_ca8.psd
    • gb_ca9.psd
    • gb_ca10.psd
    • gb_ca11.psd
    • gb_cover.psd
    • GB_Color_Callouts_Slimer.pdf
    • GB_Color_Callouts_StayPuft.pdf
    • GB_Color_Callouts_Suit.pdf
    • GB_Icon_08.psd
    • GB_Icon_09.psd
    • GB_Icon_10.psd
    • GB_Logo_01.eps
    • GB_Logo_02.eps
    • GB_Logo_03.eps
    • GBC_Spengler.eps
    • GBC_Stantz.eps
    • GBC_Venkman.eps
    • GBC_Zeddemore.eps
    • CGB%20Classic%20Logo.psd
    • CGB%20Classic%20Proton%20Beam%20BOP.psd
    • CGB%20Hazard%20Strip%20BOP.psd
    • CGB%20proton%20beam.psd
    • GB_Silhouette_01.eps
    • GB_Silhouette_02.eps
    • GB_Silhouette_03.eps
    • GB_Silhouette_04.eps
    • GB_Silhouette_06.eps
    • GB_Silhouette_07.eps
    • GB_Silhouette_08.eps
    • GB_Silhouette_09.eps
    • GB_Silhouette_10.eps
    • GB_Slime_02.psd
    • GB_Slime_03.psd
  • Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) files
    • GB_Ecto1_01.psd
    • GB_Ecto1_02.psd
    • GB_Ecto1_03.psd
    • GB_Ecto1_04.psd
    • GB_Ecto2_01.psd
    • 150820_PROP_PLATES_106.psd
    • 150820_PROP_PLATES_111.psd
    • 150819_PROP_PLATES_004.psd
    • 150819_PROP_PLATES_003.psd
    • 150820_PROP_PLATES_092.psd
    • pack%20dimensions.jpg
    • proton_gun%20dimensions.jpg
    • FJ_Gen3_proton_pack_stickers%20copy.jpg
    • ECTO%20SIREN%202016.wav
    • Trap%20Sequence%20Combined%20Open%20Suction%20Close.wav
    • PKE%20Meter%20Device_Beeps_On%20Steady%20Detect%20Off.wav
    • Proton%20Pack%20Beam_3%20versions.wav
    • Proton%20Pack%20Cocking.wav
    • Proton%20Pack%20Power%20Up%20Quick%20Version.wav
    • (124 tiff files)
    • (QuickTime video)
    • (42 tiff files)
    • (QuickTime video)
    • (42 tiff files)
    • (Link was dead the whole time the rest of the files were up)
    • (QuickTime video)
    • (47 tiff files)
    • (QuickTime video)
    • (61 tiff files)


  • On Cover RI of Ghostbusters Answer The Call Issue #3, the cover is Patty in from Chapter 16 of the movie when the team celebrates in the Jacob Wirth Co. Restaurant. It is a close-up of Patty in a still posted on February 2, 2016 on


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Creative Assets[]

Secondary Canon[]

Ghostbusters 2016 Sound Effects[]

Ecto-1 Siren

PKE Meter Beeping

Proton Pack Beam, 3 Versions

Proton Pack Cocking

Proton Pack Power Up Quick

Ghost Trap Open, Suction, Close