Ghostbusters Official Novelization is a novelization of Ghostbusters (2016 Movie) released by Tor Books. It is adapted by Nancy Holder. It is listed having 320 pages.



The story was expanded on in the novelization and covered, among other things, backstories, and family histories of many of the Ghostbusters.

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  • Page 3
    • Tour Guide Garrett graduated from City College of New York with a degree in Art History and a minor in Drama.
    • Garrett was an aspiring actor. His cousin Lester recorded one of his tours at the Aldridge.
  • Page 4
    • Garrett had been working at the Aldridge for four years.
  • Pages 14 to 22
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  • Page 30
    • Erin went to C.W. Post High School in Michigan.
  • Page 31
    • Abby Yates moved from Indiana to Michigan during high school.
  • Page 36
  • Page 50 to 63
    • On Thanksgiving Day, when they attended the University of Michigan, Erin and Abby investigated Depot Town for paranormal activity and met another investigator named Martha Kinsler.
  • Page 57
    • Erin went to Princeton for graduate school while Abby went to New York.
  • Page 73
  • Page 74
    • Rowan asked Julia Roberts to be his date to the prom through a selfie video.
  • Page 84
    • Patty Tolan was halfway through reading "The Gangs of New York" when she encountered Rowan.
  • Page 86
  • Page 96
    • Erin got her PhD in Physics from MIT after transferring from Princeton.
  • Page 135
    • Abby transferred to C.W. Post High during junior year.
  • Pages 139 to 146
    • Erin and Abby's presentation at their high school science fair and losing to Carl Lund.
  • Page 156
    • Patty's fear of dolls stemmed from the doll collection of her cousin Marcie.
  • Page 179
  • Page 207
    • In engineering school, most of Jillian Holtzmann's classmates were shy men. She thinks they called her "Holtzmann" so she'd seem less like a girl. She impressed Rebecca Gorin when she nearly disintegrated everyone in the classroom.
  • Pages 217 to 219
    • During high school, Rowan tried asking out Angelina Beltrano and got beat up by her boyfriend. Even his parents laughed at him when he returned home. His father died of a heart attack and he essentially abandoned his mother upon going to MIT for graduate school. Professor Gupta encouraged him to take an interest in advanced physics. He saw Abby's interview in Best Reads on the Quad and learned about Ghosts From Our Past. He bribed a janitor at the print-on-demand facility to get his own copy.
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