Ghostbusters Prop Archive (also referred to as GBProps) is the first major Ghostbuster prop site, and was owned and maintained by AJ Quick.


Ghostbusters Prop Archive was started by AJ Quick on October 1, 2000 and was to replace Slime Square.

AJ Quick noted that the site got off with an identity and went offline in December 2001, but returned May 4th 2002 redesigned with PHP that would provide the ability to login and upload Prop photos.[2]

The site then had a server crash and the site went offline again in July 2005. But the site came back November 9, 2005 with a new forum added.[3]

The idea for the community started in November 2006 when Ghostbusters Prop Archive needed help and they used a "Supporting Members" to pay for a new and faster server for "Ghostbusters Prop Archive" which was the major hub for Ghostbuster prop builds. In 2007 it closed, but in 2008 reopened as part of GBFans.[4] Currently, GBFans is the successor of Ghostbusters Prop Archive


  • Prop Building images and How-tos
  • A Forum (added in 2005)

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