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Not to be confused with Ghostbusters Soundtrack.

Ghostbusters Score by Composer Elmer Bernstein. Two of its tracks were also on Soundtrack.


2006 Varese Sarabande

Copied from back of the 2006 Varese Sarabande CD version of the Score.

Music Composed and Conducted by Elmer Bernstein

Produced by Elmer Bernstein
Album Produced by Robert Townson
Scoring Mixer: Robert Fernandez
Orchestrations by Peter Bernstein and David Spear
Supervising Music Editor: Kathy Durning
Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony
Ondes Martenot: Cynthia Millar
Mastered by Erick Labson

Special Thanks to Raul Perez, Lia Vollack, Shelly Bunge, Jaime Cyr,
Michael Frisby, Susan Slamer and Matthew Joseph Peak

2019 Sony Classical

Copied from inside the booklet (page 13[1]) of the 2019 Sony Classical CD version of the Score.

Music Composed and Conducted by Elmer Bernstein
Executive in Charge of Music for Sony Pictures: Spring Aspers
Album Produced by Peter Bernstein and Tom Laskey
Scoring Mixer: Robert Fernandez
Original Supervising Music Editor: Kathy Durning
Orchestrations by Peter Bernstein, David Spear and Patrick K. Russ
Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony
Album Mixed by Jeanne Montalvo and Jennifer Nulsen at Swan Studios, NYC
Mastered by Andreas K. Meyer at Swan Studios, NYC

Track Listings

Note, the wiki is not covering the unofficially released 1998 version. That coverage can be found on Spook Central instead.

2006 Varese Sarabande

Key: TN=Track Number, T=Title, L=Length C=Chapter(s) its in

01. Ghostbusters Theme 3:00
02. Library and Title 3:02 Chapter 01 "Start"
03. Venkman 0:31
04. Walk 0:30
05. Hello 1:36
06. Get Her! 2:01
07. Plan 1:25
08. Taken 1:08
09. Fridge 1:01
10. Sign 0:54
11. Client 0:38
12. The Apartment 2:45
13. Dana's Theme 3:31
14. We Got One! 2:02
15. Halls 2:01
16. Trap 1:56
17. Meeting 0:38
18. I Respect You 0:54
19. Cross Rip 1:07
20. Attack 1:30
21. Dogs 0:57
22. Date 0:48
23. Zool 4:12
24. Dana's Room 1:40
25. Judgment Day 1:19
26. The Protection Grid 0:42
27. Ghosts! 2:15
28. The Gatekeeper 1:12
29. Earthquake 0:33
30. Ghostbusters! 1:13
31. Stairwell 1:14
32. Gozer 2:48
33. Marshmallow Terror 1:25
34. Final Battle 1:30
35. Finish 2:13
36. End Credits 5:04
37. Magic 1:37
38. Zool 3:12
39. We Got One! (Alternate) 2:04

2019 Sony Classical

Key: TN=Track Number, T=Title, L=Length C=Chapter(s) its in

01. Ghostbusters Theme 3:01
02. Library 2.23
03. Venkman 0:33
04. Hello 1:37
05. The Best One in Your Row 1:08
06. Get Her! 2:04
07. Plan 1:27
08. Dana's Theme 3:33
09. Fridge and Sign 1:58
10. Attack 1:33
11. Client 0:36
12. Dana's Apartment 1:41
13. Same Problem 1:09
14. We Got One 2:03
15. Zuul Part 1 0:47
16. Meeting 1 0:39
17. I Respect You 0:59
18. Who Brought the Dog 1:00
19. Zuul Part 2 4:15
20. Steel Drum 1:31
21. Cross Rip 2:18
22. News 1:45
23. Judgment Day 1:20
24. Mistake 0:39
25. Halls 2:31
26. Ballroom 1:04
27. Trap 0:56
28. Meeting 2 1:15
29. Earthquake 0:35
30. Stairwell 1:22
31. Gozer 2:52
32. Let's Go 1:16
33. We're Going to Save the World 1:28
34. Mr. Stay Puft 0:34
35. Final Battle 1:34
36. Finish 2:15
37. Zull (Album Version) 3:14
38. End Credits (Japan Version only)


  • The score is heard throughout Ghostbusters: Afterlife.
    • For the opening of the movie, Cynthia Millar performed and recorded with the ondes Martenot from Abbey Road Studios in London. She previously performed with the martenot for the first movie.[2]
    • Jason Reitman asked Cynthia Miller what she could do with the ondes Martenot that was never done in the first movie. She went one full octave lower.[3]
    • Even noise was sampled from the original score's multi-track recording. At a loud enough volume, viewers can hear a noise floor shift.[4]
  • A snippet of the score (or a version of it by Rob Simonsen) appears in Ghostbusters: Afterlife at:
    • Chapter 1
    • Chapter 2
    • Chapter 3
      • As Phoebe resets the chess pieces on the night stand next to her bed.
    • Chapter 4
      • Podcast pauses and readies his boom mike as he and Phoebe walk through town.
    • Chapter 5
      • After Podcast says "Cool, cool. All right."
      • Phoebe watches as a pawn moves forward next to the white knight.
    • Chapter 6
    • Chapter 8
      • Podcast sets up some glass bottles outside the Summerville Foundry.
      • The door closes on Phoebe and Podcast after they enter the foundry.
      • Muncher looks around then continues eating.
    • Chapter 10
      • After Phoebe yells at Trevor Spengler to "Go, go, go!"
      • All three look at the Shandor Mining Company mountain after Ecto-1 breaks to a stop.
    • Chapter 11
      • Gary parks in front of the Farmhouse.
    • Chapter 12
      • Flashes of the mountain temple on the Shandor Mining Company property.
    • Chapter 14
      • Lucky Domingo and Trevor exchange looks on the drive back to the Farmhouse.
      • The stone wall bursts in the mountain mine. An orange beam shines through a hole.
    • Chapter 15
      • Zuul and Vinz takes their places on each side.
      • Ecto-1 comes to a stop by the dirt field after plowing through the Revelation quotes.
    • Chapter 16
      • Podcast steps out of Ecto-1 covered in marshmallow residue.
      • After Peter correctly guesses the Zener card has three wavy lines.


  1. Spook Central: Ghostbusters Score Album (2019) section "Album Images" Booklet - Page 13 and 14
  2. Parade "Ghostbusters Then and Now! See the Original Cast Today and the New Stars of Ghostbusters: Afterlife" 10/29/2021 Line reads: "Those mysterious tones that foreshadow something's going to happen? They're produced by an ondes martenot, an old French electronic keyboard. Cynthia Millar performed on it for the original movie and for the opening of the new film. She recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London."
  3. Dobly YouTube "Embracing Sonic Nostalgia with "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" | Sound + Image Lab" 32:53-33:16 11/23/2021 Will Files says: "And it goes like a full octave deeper and he was saying on-during the recording, he was like what can you do with this instrument that we never did in the first film? And she goes 'Well, it does go lower than we ever used so that's why you know Rob built in that extra-goes one just full octave lower that it's a very satisfying moment right in the beginning of the movie."
  4. Dobly YouTube "Embracing Sonic Nostalgia with "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" | Sound + Image Lab" 5:50-6:25 11/23/2021 Will Files says: "We even sampled the noise from the original when as soon as the Sony logo comes on if you-if you're listening at a loud enough level you'll hear a noise floor shift and that's actually the noise that we sampled from the original multi-track recording of the-of the score and it just gives it a little flavor. It was one of those things we put it in and we're like this is going to be silly. We put it in, we're like 'nope, that actually really feels good so it's-there's a noise floor to this film that it's not normal for 2021."

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