Ghostbusters was released by Sega for the Mega Drive/Genesis on June 29, 1990. It is unrelated to the earlier Activision game, and is instead a straightforward run and gun game in which the player takes control of squat cartoon representations of three of the four Ghostbusters from the movie, with the noticeable absence of Winston Zeddemore.


Four levels are available initially, which the player can complete in any order via a stage select similar to Mega Man. Although some levels pay more than others, the order of which they're finished is more of a matter of preference than strategy. After they are completed, a fifth level is unlocked, followed by a sixth and final level. The levels themselves are very non-linear, and allow the player to explore and complete them however they like. Though odds are, the player will have to go through most if not every portion of the level before it's finished.

Each level contains mid-bosses known as "middle ghosts" that must be killed before the players can fight the boss ghost. Some levels only have one, but most have two, and the last two levels have as many as four. After a middle ghost is defeated, it turns into a small green ghost which can be captured for extra money by pulling it down over a ghost trap. These middle ghosts can also be defeated in any particular order.

Between levels or even during one, players can visit item and weapon shops and buy various proton packs, upgrades, and power-ups, such as a 3-way shot or recovery items. some of which may be required to finish a level. Players earn money by finishing levels, capturing middle ghosts, searching safes, and killing minor ghosts.


The game takes place after Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters are down on their luck due to lack of ghost activity, when suddenly several calls begin to pour in from around the city. Ghosts are seen all around the town, and an earthquake happens that leaves the team wonder if those events are connected.

There are four cases total, set in different buildings: a home manor, a building set on fire, apartment which is frozen by ghosts and high-rise building. Massive ghost outbreak takes place, and the team faces many powerful entities, including the Snow and Fire ghosts, and the eventual reappearance of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (although dialogue indicates it is not the same one from the movie, as the creature says he was originally a person who liked Stay Puft Marshmallows and became the Stay Puft Man after eating too much).

A part of stone tablet is found after each victory over the main ghost in charge. After the four cases are solved, the player's chosen Ghostbuster discovers that two others are gone, kidnapped by a man named Arthur, who left a message inviting the last one to a dark castle out of the city. Arthur takes the tablet in exchange for the life of the team, but fled with it inside his domain. The remaining Ghostbuster has no choice but to enter the plant-plagued castle. There, two others are found being possessed and eventually are saved from the curse. After defeating the master ghost of the castle, the Demon Plant, who ate Arthur, the tablet, along its final peace is found.

Peter Venkman in Janna's realm, the evil world

The three Ghostbusters piece together the mysterious tablet, inadvertently summoning a new earthquake and opening the portal to "the evil world", releasing a horde of ghosts. Now, they have to journey to this dark, underground realm which appears under the city, and find an artifact that could disable the tablet. There, the team fights many of already defeated ghosts, making their way to the evil mastermind behind the game's events: Janna, an evil goddess of death and destruction.

In the end, the Ghostbusters manage to defeat Janna and use the artifact with the tablet to close the portal, saving the city.

Characters and Ghosts

Main characters

Other Characters

Minor Ghosts

Middle Ghosts

When a Middle Ghost is finally taken down a Spectre-Spirit will appear

Boss Ghosts


In this game the stages/levels are referred to as cases.

Canon Debate

It clearly is based on the events that happened after Ghostbusters,[citation needed] however it doesn't note Ghostbusters II events in it. In Ghostbusters II, it was suggested that there were no major cases after the defeat of Gozer. So it conflicts with the Ghostbusters II film.

It also conflicts with the reappearance of Stay Puft in Ghostbusters: The Video Game, as Ray noted it wasn't me this time, which itself doesn't suggest that the Stay Puft in this game happened.

The Game also does not follow the into the canon of The Real Ghostbusters, as "Citizen Ghost" episode takes place right after the events of the first movie.

It is concluded it is only canon in a timeline that includes the Ghostbusters film by itself.

Game Genie Codes

This is a common cheating device that was used on the Genesis. Due to the nature of the device, we are not officially suggesting to use one or the codes.

Expand/Collapse Area
Code What Happens
BWST-AA54 Protection from most damage
96CT-BTAR Start with 24 life bar ticks instead of 16
96CT-A2AR Start with 12 life bar ticks
96CT-ATAR Start with 8 life bar ticks
96CT-AJAR Start with 4 life bar ticks
ATCT-AAAG Start with 5 rounds
AYCT-AAAG Start with 6 rounds
A2CT-AAAG Start with 7 rounds
A6CT-AAAG Start with 8 rounds
BACT-AAAG Start with 9 rounds
BECT-AAAG Start with 10 rounds
96CT-BYA0 Start with 26 energy bar ticks
96CT-A2A0 Start with 12 energy bar ticks
96CT-AJA0 Start with only 4 energy bar ticks
ACTT-ACH6 $10 ghosts worth $100
ACTT-BAH6 $10 ghosts worth $1,000
ACTT-BAS6 $10 ghosts worth $3,000
ACTT-AEH8 $20 ghosts worth $200
ACTT-AAS8 $20 ghosts worth $2,000
ACTT-BA18 $20 ghosts worth $5,000
ACVA-AGAA $30 ghosts worth $300
ACVA-BAJA $30 ghosts worth $3,000
ACVA-BATA $30 ghosts worth $5,000
ACVA-ALAC $50 ghosts worth $500
ACVA-BATC $50 ghosts worth $5,000
AV0T-AA4C Infinite bombs
NNCT-AABN Start with 99 bombs
CJCT-AABN Start with 18 bombs
EYCT-AABN Start with 37 bombs
AACT-AABN Start with 0 bombs






Secondary Canon

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