The Ghostbusters Versailles are an unsanctioned branch of Ghostbusters founded in 1780 A.D. by Janine Melnitz and Leonardo da Vinci.


After being banished to Versailles in the year 1780, Janine Melnitz was almost immediately hired to deal with a ghost haunting the royal palace. The ghost turned out to be Leonardo da Vinci. Without a Trap, Janine appealed to his desire to work on inventions for the good of France. A new branch of Ghostbusters was born. After Leonardo made improvements to Janine's Proton Pack, made more, and other equipment like Traps, Janine began to recruit employees. A total of three men were hired.

In no time, they went on many busts. It is known the team defeated Morgan Le Fay, the singing Gargoyles of Notre-Dame, Viking Ghosts, and a Slime Entity. By trapping the Slime Entity, the original Ghostbusters were freed and revealed they ported to Versailles earlier in search of Janine but were swallowed up by the entity. It appears Janine went with them but it is unknown if the Versailles branch was dissolved or continued on without her.


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