How to treat Users/Editors

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This wiki is all about the users/editors. As such that means as a mod, it is expected that the users be treated as a value to the wiki. That means no instant bans on normal users. Its better to address the problems on their talk pages. Explain where they went wrong and what to do.

Many times users will start a page with one line of text which on many terms seems pointless. Don't delete unless the following is true

  • There are misspelling everywhere including the name of the page.
  • The page is already been addressed as another page which then its better to replace the body with:

#REDIRECT [[Link to page]]

  • If the page includes rude remarks.

Anonymous User

Those users can be a blessing or a curse depending on who they are. This wiki tries to let them edit here, however talking to them sometimes is hard to do. If an argument between one and a signed in user, it is the user that has the advantage. If one does bad behavior you can label them a Troll or Vandal.

Trolls and Vandals


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Vandals do a number of things including: Posting Spam/false information, uploading images from other Ghostbuster sites (see: Image Policy), miss edit templates and important articles with gibberish nonsense. As for Vandals, there is no point in dealing with them, if point blank they destroy pages, Block them for a year. Trust me, there is no reason to try to deal with them.

Rude Users

Sadly this wiki has seen these type. If they run around deleting content and saying its not useful, or say its untrue, its your job to block them. A week long block is fine. Tell them after Blocking them that this wiki has a rule against deleting content. Also, rude content edited onto a page is grounds for the same treatment. If they do it again, do another week long block, and the third time, a year block.

Finally please read the Community Portal. This is what the users read when starting at this wiki.

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