This article is to answer questions that may be common knowledge to a Ghostbuster fan, but may be unknown by beginners. This is the Beginners FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) on the Ghostbusters Franchise (or Universe). This page should be read after reading Beginners Summary of the Ghostbusters Franchise. All Questions should be seen as beginner questions and not complex. Questions can be suggested on the talk page.

What is a Ghostbuster?Edit

A person or group that perform for a fee, the removal of a spirit and paranormal phenomenon from a place.
For more on what a ghostbuster is, go here.

Are there any Female Ghostbusters?Edit

In short Yes.
There have been several female Ghostbusters throughout the years:

Was there ever an ape in the series or movies?Edit

No. That would be Filmations Ghostbusters. The series predates the movie by nine years and has nothing to do with our ghostbusters.

Why do The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series Ghostbusters look so Different From Movie Counterparts?Edit

One reason was so it was easier to know the difference between characters in far away shots in the cartoon series. Also, they needed the characters to specifically not be based on the actors from the movie, as they would have had to pay the actors for the use of their likenesses.