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Ghost Fever (aka: Ghostbusters Cop) is a 1987 comedy horror film. The title "Ghostbusters Cop" is the English part of the Italian re-title "Ghostbusters Cop - Due piedipiatti acchiappafantasmi".


Ghost Fever was made in 1985, and starred Sherman Hemsley (of The Jeffersons fame) who also funded it. The film didn't get a American release til 1987, two years after it was produced.

It is only related in the name of the Italian version, but it does have them trying to deal with the ghosts and ultimately battling a Vampire that wants to use their bodies for zombie parts. The film makes a direct reference to Ghostbusters from character Buford: "Do you realize I can make one phone call and bust this whole god damn place?!"[1]

Director Lee Madden at the end of production requested a Alan Smithee credit as he wanted nothing to do with the film after additional shoots were ordered by Miramax Films.


Two policemen are assigned to carry out a eviction notice to Magnolia House. They end up finding out this is anything but a normal job. Ghosts and a Vampire currently reside there.

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