Ghost Negotiator Tenma (Tenma-san ga Yuku 天魔さんがゆく) is a 2013 supernatural comedy horror series. It had aired on TBS every Tuesday at 0:28-1:07 (noted in ads as Monday at 24:28-25:07).


The series shares similar equipment as the Ghostbusters Universe including the Ghost Gun (Proton Pack), Ghost Radar (PKE Meter), and Haunted Scope (Ecto Goggles). Their goal is to bring a spirit at peace, and not to capture ghosts, however it is suggested that the Ghost Gun may have capture abilities as well.


The company Yuugengaisha Obake Keibi Hoshou (Ghost Security Guard Co., Ltd.) which also goes by the shorthand name "Obake" (meaning ghost) is run by Hokai Tenma the President of the company which has been passed down generation to generation in his family since the Kamakura period. He has abilities to detect spirits and can see them. When he detects a eerie presents a part of his hair on the top goes up. He has one disability however, when he first encounters a major ghost face to face he faints and makes the "kyuuuu~" noise.

So he hires crew to help in his cases. Daikaku Keizo is the clerk and gadgets guy which has been with the company since the previous President. Okazaki Asahi is the new rookie of the team that thought that she was being hired by a gaming company. She decided to stay on when Daikaku reminded her that her debts she had racked up predating her new employment were being covered by the company and if she quits that they will stop paying off her loan shark.

The Inspector along with the Constable of the Metropolitan Police Department are also involved in many cases and the Inspector is always trying to debunk the Obake as he does not believe in ghosts.

Every time Hokai Tenma faints and goes unconscious he visits his dad Hokai Tendo in heaven. He usually gives advice about the case at hand with a bit of humor.

Mukunoki Rika is Hokai Tenma older sister and seems to like causing confusion. A real drama queen, she only cares at all for her brother.

Main Characters

Character Name Actor Playing Character
Hokai Tenma
Domoto Tsuyoshi
堂本 剛
Okazaki Asahi
岡崎 旭
Kawaguchi Haruna
Daikaku Keizo
Minagawa monkey time
Mukunoki Rika
Seri Na
Heizo large thickness (Constable)
大平三太 (巡査)
Kamakura Taro
Ashikaga real (Inspector)
足利 実 (警部)
Morisaki Hiroyuki
Hokai Tendo
Sato Jiro

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  • Chief producer: Shinohara Hiroshi human (Sony Music Entertainment), Kobayashi nitrous management (Sony Music Entertainment), twelve Tatsuya, Kato new
  • Associate producer: Sugiura Minako
  • Produce: Moriya Male (@ Movie)
  • Supervision: Fukuda Yuichi, Irie Yu

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  1. Note: Ads say "Monday at 24:28-25:07", but that actually means Tuesday at 0:28-1:07




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