Episode 2: 依頼人はAKB (Translated "Episode 2: Client is AKB") is the second episode in the Ghost Negotiator Tenma (Tenma-san ga Yuku 天魔さんがゆく) series, which is a Unrelated Ghostbusters series that aired in Japan on TBS. The series also uses equipment that looks a lot like the movie canon, though abilities may be slightly different.


Character name translated with original Japanese name follow by the same for the Actor that played the part.

  • Hokai Tenma 法界天魔 (Domoto Tsuyoshi 堂本 剛)
  • Okazaki Asahi 岡崎 旭 (Kawaguchi Haruna川口春奈)
  • Daikaku Keizo 大覚慶三 (Minagawa monkey time皆川猿時)
  • Mukunoki Rika 椋木リカ (Seri Na 芹那)
  • Heizo large thickness Constable 大平三太 巡査 (Kamakura Taro 鎌倉太郎)
  • Ashikaga real Inspector 足利 実 警部 (Morisaki Hiroyuki 森崎博之)
  • Hokai Tendo 法界天童 (Sato Jiro 佐藤二朗)

With Guests

  • Fujie Reina 藤江れいな (Fujie Reina 藤江れいな)
  • Spirit of woman 女の霊 (Shangdi Haruna 上地春奈)
  • Spirit of man 男の霊 (large water Yosuke 大水洋介)


Translated and copied from the Official Website.

Had lingered long in junior high school (Murotsuyoshi) spirit of Ochimusha few days later it was persuaded, the Buddhahood, of AKB48 to Obake (principal role) Fujie Reina came to visit.

And that's a whiff of someone at home should no one else. Tenma (Domoto Tsuyoshi) The Asahi (Kawaguchi Haruna) and Daikaku (Minagawa monkey at the time) toward the apartment Reina with someone in tow, but the Metropolitan Police Department there Ashikaga Inspector (Morisaki Hiroyuki) and Ohira constable (Kamakura Taro) the figure of. It was came to security in response to the report from the office of Reina. 2 people do not believe in ghosts to try to Oikaeso the Tenma us, but I ask Tenma and let me put a video camera in the room only one night.

The next morning, when checking the recordings in all, many of inexplicable phenomena that can not be considered only with the work of the spirit there was reflected.


  • While this is the second episode, series regulars Mukunoki Rika and Ashikaga real Inspector were introduced in this episode along with simi-regular Heizo large thickness Constable.
  • This is the first episode to use the Ghost gun a pseudo Proton Pack.



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