Episode 7: デカ魂と女優霊 (Translated "Episode 7: Actress spirit and big soul") is the eighth episode in the Ghost Negotiator Tenma (Tenma-san ga Yuku 天魔さんがゆく) series, which is a Unrelated Ghostbusters series that aired in Japan on TBS. The series also uses equipment that looks a lot like the movie canon, though abilities may be slightly different.


Character name translated with original Japanese name follow by the same for the Actor that played the part.

  • Hokai Tenma 法界天魔 (Domoto Tsuyoshi 堂本 剛)
  • Okazaki Asahi 岡崎 旭 (Kawaguchi Haruna川口春奈)
  • Daikaku Keizo 大覚慶三 (Minagawa monkey time皆川猿時)
  • Mukunoki Rika 椋木リカ (Seri Na 芹那)
  • Heizo large thickness Constable 大平三太 巡査 (Kamakura Taro 鎌倉太郎)
  • Ashikaga real Inspector 足利 実 警部 (Morisaki Hiroyuki 森崎博之)
  • Hokai Tendo 法界天童 (Sato Jiro 佐藤二朗)

With Guests

  • Actress spirit 女優霊 (Swan Kumiko 白鳥久美子 "Dandelion たんぽぽ")
  • Kaburagi Inspector 鏑木警部 (Namiki Shiro 並樹史朗)


Translated and copied from the Official Website.

Obake office in Ashikaga Inspector (Morisaki Hiroyuki) and Ohira constable (Kamakura Taro) came. It is Ashikaga that have not been stubbornly believe in ghosts so far, uncommon Tenma (Domoto Tsuyoshi) to want the help of. Anything, boss, should dead it appears suddenly Kaburagi Inspector (Namiki Shiro) in, seems to have taken over the unsolved homicides. And that's also the case, was something of a mystery that Kaburagi had said, "only imagine the work of a ghost" during his lifetime.

Line visit the studios of television station is a crime scene. 2 actress, victim was found dead first thing in the morning either. Autopsy result is a fall death. However, there is no place like a person can drop into the studio .... Tenma to determine that this is a ghost incident has caused. But it is not trusting to be a clever trick, Ashikaga to continue the on-the-spot inspection.

Tenma who want to find out the inside of the building, hear the rumors that he curse of the beautiful actress that was unnatural death during the filming old this incident. But there to not feel strong magic energy to Tenma. While it is Tenma who decide while twisting his neck, and I'll wait until the night ghost will appear ....




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