This is part of the Ghostbuster World Maps project.

This is the Ghostbusters World Map the for Movie Canon that plots places in the real world locations and in some cases fictional canon locations.

Due to the nature of the project, it is ongoing. Suggests for locations may be posted on the talk page.

What is in this Map

Location Credits

Permission was granted for use of information from the site Spook Central by Paul Rudoff. His site ids locations and explains the local area history related to the shot locations. His site Spook Central-Filming Locations can be found here.

"c" Locations where they are common knowledge or it is unknown who id'ed them.

"PR" Locations were found by Paul Rudoff of Spook Central (website).

"CS" Locations were found by Chris Stewart of Proton Charging (website). His site Proton Charging- Shot On Site (tags) can be found here.

"CB" Locations were found by Chris Buchner.

"MJ" Locations were found by Matthew Jordan (aka: Devilmanozzy).

"NC" Locations were found by Nick Carr.

"BK" Locations were found by Ben King.

"NF" Locations were found by Noah Forman.

"SM" Locations were found by Sam Morrill.



The Map

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Some locations are of only the exterior of the locations and some are of only the interior of the location as both have been used to create the full location.

Noted Locations

Not all locations are in the New York/New Jersey general area. Listed below are hard to find locations. They are on the map.


All these scenes were shots on sound stages from Warner Bros. Studios (aka Burbank Studios). When possible the actual sound stage is marked.

  • Sound Stage 12/18 (special effects scenes) -GB1
    • Dana's Apartment (Stage 12) -GB1
    • Fort Detmerring (interior) (Stage 12) -GB1 (delete scene)
    • Spook Central hallway -GB1
    • Louis's Apartment -GB1
  • Sound Stage 15/16 (special effects scenes) -GB1/GB2
  • General Burbank Studios Shots (unknown which sound stage)

Not Listed Locations

All locations that are listed below are completely Special effects or not found. None of these are on the map.

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