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Started on June 8th 2016, every year on Ghostbusters Day the franchise celebrates old and new things having to do with the brand. Announcements for Ghostbusters related things also happen during that day each year.

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Submitted by Mrmichaelt on 06/10/2022

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Submitted by Mrmichaelt on 06/11/2021

  • Ghost Corps announced the Ghostbusters Day 2021 will take place live on Twitter Space and hosted by IGN on June 8. The cast and filmmakers of Ghostbusters: Afterlife will appear. On June 6, it was announced the event starts at 2:00pm Pacific Time/4:00pm Central/5:00pm Eastern/10:00pm British Summer Time and will feature Ivan and Jason Reitman, Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard, McKenna Grace, Celeste O'Connor and Logan Kim.
  • To start the day off, the Ghostbusters social media accounts released a 40 second pre-recorded introduction video with Ivan Reitman and Bill Murray video conferencing and poking fun at Ghostbusters Day.
  • In celebration of Ghostbusters Day, four exclusive T-shirts featuring the Mini Pufts went on sale on the Ghostbusters official online store in unisex and youth sizes for $24.95 and $19.95 respectively. They will only be available in the month of June 2021.
  • Hasbro went live with Plasma Series Classic Figures glow in the dark figure pre-orders of Peter, Ray, Egon, and Winston at 2:30 pm PST on Hasbro Pulse.
  • Hasbro went live with Plasma Series Mini Pufts pre-orders on Hasbro Pulse.
  • Hallmark revealed its Mini Pufts Keepsake Ornament.
  • A minute long featurette on how Jason Reitman and Production Designer Francois Audouy used Sony's Spatial Reality Display technology was released.
  • During the Twitter Space discussion:
    • 2:52: It was revealed the character Logan Kim portrays is named Podcast and Celeste O'Connor's character is named Lucky.
    • 6:22: Jason Reitman commented, "I saw a young girl in the middle of a field with a Proton Pack and I imagined a young man discovering the Ecto-1 and it not working, and then Tokyo drifting through that field."
    • 7:43: Ivan Reitman commented it was the greatest honor and thrill for one his children to carry on a story he helped start.
    • 9:00: Finn Wolfhard talks about how he self-taped an audition in his room in Vancouver and put it together it was a Ghostbusters movie when he was asked to come to Jason Reitman's home in Los Angeles. McKenna Grace talked about working in Atlanta when she auditioned and in the scripts, their roles were just "Boy" and "Girl" but she found it in the chemistry reads and read with Logon Kim, and a Proton Pack was there.
    • 12:35: Jason Reitman clarified the movie is not set at all in New York and had to be about a family discovering who they were and them going to someplace that didn't look like the first movie. Like going into a parent or grandparent's attic or basement and finding something about them.
    • 15:20: Celeste O'Connor's character is named Lucky and she's always wanted to leave her home town then meets the new kid at the diner she works at, Trevor. She gets involved in his story and finds her courage and determination and adventure she's always been looking for.
    • 16:44: Ecto-1 certainly plays an important role in the movie. We discover the things that have changed about it in the course of the movie.
    • 20:17: Some green screen was done for the more dangerous parts of the Ecto-1 chase scene. The gunner seat came when they started thinking about what happens to the equipment. The gunner seat put ghostbusting in motion.
    • 21:40: McKenna Grace comments on getting to sit in the Ecto-1 and on the gunner seat and calls it "absolutely magical."
    • 22:14: Mr. Grooberson is a science teacher and Phoebe is a scientist herself who finds herself in small town in a summer school class filled with delinquents and Grooberson immediately takes a liking to her because he sees a like-minded person and becomes a mentor to her.
    • 23:42: McKenna Grace had her mind blown when she first saw the equipment props. Finn Wolfhard emphasizes the movie comes from a fan. There is CG but Jason Reitman was adamant about using a lot of practical effects like the props, make up, sets, and backgrounds. Lucky was skeptical at first but over the course of it, she gets pulled into the adventure. O'Connor never did a big studio film before and just did an indie movie before moving onto Afterlife so she was overwhelmed on the set. O'Connor's father was a film of the movies and showed them to the family when she was growing up.
    • 29:30: Carrie Coon plays a mom just trying to make ends meet and find resources to keep her family afloat and hasn't time for the other parts of her life. Callie shares a cynical sense of humor with Grooberson.
    • 30:30: Jason Reitman comments on watching people trying on the Proton Pack for the first time and the unique smile that happens. The Ecto Goggles can now take Polaroids.
    • 31:31: McKenna Grace remembers she cried when she tried on the Proton Pack for the first time. Finn Wolfhard remembered the camera test and she lost balance at first. Grace got strap burns because of the weight.
    • 33:25: The Proton Pack mold used was built off one of the original 1984 Proton Pack props. They tried to visualize what welds, wire changes, slips, breaks, and cracks to show the age and use of the pack over three decades. The creatures were puppeteered on the set.
    • 35:00: The cast and crew is asked if they believe in the paranormal and had their experiences. Logan Kim's character Podcast is considered the absolute believer in the movie and the heart of the movie. They talk about how Kim took one acting class, did a Fed Ex commercial, and auditioned for Afterlife with a self-tape. Kim was the most confident actor on the set. Carrie talks about hearing footsteps and doors opening at the farmhouse she grew up on.
    • 42:39: Logan Kim could barely see with the Ecto Goggles on and hit McKenna Grace's face once. He also slipped and fell on set. It was hard to position the Ecto Goggles on heads like how Dan Aykroyd could. Jason Reitman gave Kim notes on where to look in a shot but Kim paused and told him he couldn't see.
    • 44:48: Jason Reitman clarifies the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man will not return. The Mini Pufts want to watch the world burn and they enjoy it.
  • During the Afterlife discussion, several stills and images were released:
  • On June 9, a Passing the Proton Pack vignette was posted.
  • On June 11, the Ghostbusters YouTube posted a 59 second time lapse video of John Yurcaba working on the design for his Mini Pufts T-shirt.

Ghostbusters Day 2021 Announcement

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Ghostbusters Day 2021 Videos

Ghostbusters Day 2021 Stills and Images


Submitted by Mrmichaelt on 06/29/2020

  • Ghostbusters Day was postponed due to covid-19 concerns and on June 26, 2020 it was announced that on July 1, the original 1984 movie will play at theaters and drive-ins with a special message for the fans. Tickets are available for purchase. On June 29, 2020 the site was updated and listed 31 states (Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin) and Alberta, Canada as the locations for the screenings.
  • On June 15, 2020, Josh Gad's Reunited Apart featured a Zoom chat with guests Jason Reitman and Kumail Nanjiani, director Ivan Reitman, cast from the first movie Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts, Ernie Hudson, William Atherton, Jennifer Runyon, Steven Tash, Michael Ensign, and Timothy Carhart, and Ray Parker Jr. performing.


Submitted by Mrmichaelt on 06/10/2022



Submitted by Mrmichaelt on 06/09/2018
Full press release, web site relaunch, and assorted merchandise dates were announced.

  • The Ghostbusters Official (Web Site) was relaunched with a new design and content anchored with the new 35th anniversary logo. Sections for the 35th anniversary, event calendar, Film & TV, and shop. Ghostbusters News has the full press release here.
    • 35th anniversary has nodes for the 2019 Ghostbusters Fan Fest, the 2 year Ghostbusters Local Tour, the Ghostbusters Live! orchestral tour, the Ghostbusters World ARG, and 2 sections yet to be revealed.
    • The event calendar has events from June to November ranging from movie screenings, Ghostbusters Live! events, and Wizard World's local tours.
    • Film & TV had nodes for Ghostbusters (1984), Ghostbusters II, Ghostbusters (2016), The Real Ghostbusters, and Extreme Ghostbusters. Each node had a synopsis, links to partner streaming services to view media, selected stills, and video of primarily title sequences. Most notably, the node for The Real Ghostbusters features the 4 minute original pitch pilot restored by fan Robert Barbieri.
    • Shop features merchandise for sale ranging from the Playmobil Ghostbusters Toy Line, Blu-ray and DVD, T-Shirts, statues, beanies, tin boxes, remote control Ecto-1, trade paperbacks, and LEGO.
  • The press release features announcements and videos featuring Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd.
    • The official website's relaunch
    • The restored pitch pilot of The Real Ghostbusters
    • A chance for a Grand Prize Experience by making a $10 donation to the For the Win Project, a collaboration between Sony, Ghost Corps and Omaze. The winner would receive a package including lunch for the winner and a guest with Dan Aykroyd, a VIP visit to Sony Pictures, including Ghostbusters HQ offices, a private guided tour of the Sony Pictures museum (which includes Ghostbusters props), photo opportunities in the Ecto-1, and an original Ghostbusters poster created especially for the winner. Other prize incentives include tickets to the Ghostbusters Fan Fest event and tickets to Ghostbusters Live. Visit Omaze to enter but residents of Belgium, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Italy, North Korea, Singapore, Sudan, Syria or Thailand are not allowed to enter. Contestants must bet least 13 years old to win but any winnders under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian as their Guest. The contest ends August 8, 2018 at 11:59pm PST.
    • LEGO is debuting two brand-new LEGO Ghostbusters BrickHeadz figures of Peter Venkman (covered in slime) and Slimer.
    • Ghostbusters Video Slots Machine|International Game Technology (IGT) announces the revolutionary new Ghostbusters 4D Video Slots game, coming soon to a casino near you
    • The collaboration with Wizard World for the 2 year Local Tour and 2019 Fan Fest. Wizard World will celebrate in Columbus this weekend and there will be free single-day admission for fans dressed as Ghostbusters and a unique program of events. The Local Tour will feature a pop-up shop with exclusive Ghostbusters merchandise.
    • Ghostbusters World will be previewed at San Diego Comic Con this July. The game's first public demo build and booth will be at The Experience at Comic-Con at Petco Park.
    • The first cities for Ghostbusters Live will be staged in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London, and Dublin. More will be announced. Schedule will also be at Schirmer Theatrical's Ghostbusters page
    • At, fans can register for more information for the Ghostbusters Fan Fest Event, which will take place one year from today. At the event, fans will meet for two days at Ghost Corps headquarters on the Sony Pictures Studio lot in Culver City, California. There, for the first time ever, the studio will join forces with Wizard World to bring fans an unforgettable experience. For the 35th anniversary, fans will participate in exclusive panels, meet the Ghostbusters creators, talent and crew and experience Ghostbusters augmented reality and virtual reality games.
  • Other merchandise and social media announcements
  • A 28 second video was posted of Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd standing outside Hook & Ladder in Manhattan. They gave a special message, noting it's been 34 years then they promote the Ghostbusters Fan Fest on the Sony Pictures lot next year as well as hint at other events being planned all over the world.

Ghostbusters Day 2018 Announcement

  • A 1:13 video was posted of Dan Aykroyd standing outside Ghost Corps giving a public service announcement tied to Schirmer Theatrical, LLC's upcoming Ghostbusters Live! orchestra tour.

Ghostbusters Live! 6/8/18 Announcement


Submitted by Devilmanozzy on 05/24/2018
Confirmed (on May 23) that Ghostbusters Official (Web Site) went under construction, noting Ghostbusters Day on June 8th.

  • An orchestral tour featuring musicians performing the film’s score live at screenings in the US and Canada.[2018 1]
  • Augmented reality game entitled Ghostbusters World that will let users capture ghosts in the real world.[2018 1]

Products featured or Introduced:
For June 8, 2019, with subsequent ranges launching in anticipation of Halloween and the holiday season.

  • Playmobil (figures and playsets)[2018 1]
  • Mattel (games, activities and crafts)[2018 1]
  • NECA (collectibles and novelty gifts)[2018 1]
  • Hybrid (apparel)[2018 1]
  • Mad Engine (apparel)[2018 1]
  • C-Life (apparel)[2018 1]
  • Hallmark (social expressions, plush products and ornaments).[2018 1]

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