Animated Canon includes The Real Ghostbusters, Slimer!, and Extreme Ghostbusters.

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Millions of Years Ago

100,000 Years Ago

Thousands of Years Ago

Between 32,000 to 10,000 Years Ago

13,000 Years Ago

10,500 Years Ago

10,000 Years Ago

6000 Years Ago

1450 B.C.

  • Pompey's Pillar is erected in ancient Egypt by Pharaoh Thutmose III.

3000 Years Ago

600 B.C.

Between 200 B.C. and 100 A.D.

  • The Orb of Moldova is used by ancient Druids during rituals.

2000 Years Ago

5th Century A.D.

7th Century A.D.

936 A.D.

985 A.D.

997 A.D.

  • The Scepter of Donar is no longer used again.
    • In Extreme Ghostbusters "Bird of Prey": Swen Christianson's grandfather states the Scepter was not used in 100 generations. 100 generations is assumed to be 1000 years.
    • In actual history, Shamanism in the Northern Scandanavian Tribes ended in 1000 A.D. due in part to the rise of Christianity. This correlates well with the year 997 A.D. used for this entry.

Between 9th and 13th Century A.D.

  • In ancient Iceland, a pagan festival takes place every 13 years in honor of Kahlil.
    • In Extreme Ghostbusters "Casting the Runes": This event is stated but no clear timeframe is given.
    • In actual history, ancient Iceland takes place from 9th in 13th century, when Christianity is introduced and Norway acknowledged as rulers of Iceland.

1284 A.D.

1368 A.D.

15th Century A.D.

1684 A.D.

  • May 10th: The Monastery of Saint Theophilus is ransacked by bandits. The Codex of Saint Theophilus is lost.

1689 A.D.

1690 A.D.

1697 A.D.

18th Century A.D.

  • A Leprechaun places a curse on the O'Malley clan.

1735 A.D.

1742 A.D.

1752 A.D.

  • June 15th: A demon loyal to the Lord of the Stench steals scissors from Benjamin Franklin during his kite experiment. Franklin substitutes a key for the scissors.

1778 A.D.

1785 A.D.

  • The last sighting of ghost ship holding ghost pirates is recorded, that is until 1985.

1796 A.D.

19th Century A.D.

1820s A.D.

1837 A.D.

1847 A.D.

1860s A.D.

1881 A.D.

  • February 22nd: Pompey's Pillar is erected in Central Park, New York.
  • October 26th: The Earp Gang dies in a shoot out at the O.K. Corral.

1885 A.D.

1887 A.D.

1888 A.D.

  • Scareface manifests in New York.
    • In Slimer! "Scareface": Scareface states he has not been in New York for 100 years (i.e. 1988-100=1888).

Late 1880s A.D.

1889 A.D.

  • March 31st: The Eiffel Tower is opened to visitors.

1891 A.D.

1900 A.D.

1905 A.D.

1912 A.D.

1915 A.D.

1920s A.D.

1925 A.D.

1930s A.D.

1930 A.D.

1935 A.D.

1940s A.D.

1941 A.D.

1942 A.D.

1944 A.D.

1945 A.D.

1947 A.D.

  • June 21st: Le Maison begins to claim victims in the Bronx.
    • In Extreme Ghostbusters "Home is Where the Horror Is": Le Maison, as an old woman, states it heard the story of the haunted house for 50 years (i.e. 1997-50=1947).
    • "June 21st" is used to correlate to the summer solstice, when the entity strikes.

1948 A.D.

1950s A.D.

1950 A.D.

1953 A.D.

1954 A.D.

1957 A.D.

1959 A.D.

1960 A.D.

1960s A.D.

1961 A.D.

  • The future captain of a tugboat begins sailing the waters near New York.

1963 A.D.

  • The original Penn Station is torn down.

1964 A.D.

  • A trap door is sealed off in a Studio 9 set in California after an accident.
  • Between April 22-October 18: A pin from the 1964 New York World's Fair at Flushing Meadows Corona Park somehow ends up in the possession of Peter Venkman over 20 years later.

1965 A.D.

1967 A.D.

1968 A.D.

1969 A.D.

1970s A.D.

  • Subway Station 13 is closed down due to creepy occurrences.
  • Summers: Peter Venkman works with carnies during summer vacations in his high school years.
  • At age 12, Winston Zeddemore wanted to own a horse.
    • The "1970s" timeframe is based on conjecture that he was born in the 1950s along with the other Ghostbusters.

1971 A.D.

1974 A.D.

  • Irving volunteers to be part of a magic act and is lost in a parallel dimension for over a decade.

Middle 1970s A.D.

1976 A.D.

1977 A.D.

1978 A.D.

1979 A.D.

1980 A.D.

1980s A.D.

1982 A.D.

1984 A.D.

1985 A.D.

1986 A.D.

1987 A.D.

1988 A.D.

1989 A.D.

1990 A.D.

1991 A.D.

Between 1991-1996 A.D.

1992 A.D.

1994 A.D.

1996 A.D.

1997 A.D.

Alternate 20th to 21st Century A.D.

2691 A.D.

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