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This is the Ghostbusting Equipment 101, which lists all the equipment related articles at Ghostbusters Wiki.

Note: If you can't find a form of Equipment in the films, Video Games (2009), The Real Ghostbusters, or Extreme Ghostbusters please post what you are looking for and what show/part it is seen in on this talk page.


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Type Item By From
000PRM&D Tobin's Spirit Guide John Horace Tobin GB; Ch.09(m),22
IDW; OS2(m),WiSJH(c),
000PRM&D Spate's Catalogue of Nameless Horrors Edward Spate GB; Ch.09(m)
IDW; #3,4,5
000PRM&D The Roylance Guide to Secret Societies and Sects GB; Ch.14
IDW; #5
000PRM&D The End of the World Milton Angland GB2; Ch.02
IDW; #5
000PRM&D The Great Book of Magical Art, Hindu Magic and East Indian Occultism GB2; Ch.04
000PRM&D Magical Paths to Fortune and Power GB2; Ch.04
IDW; #5,6
000PRM&D Magicians, Martyrs And Madmen Leon Zundinger GB2; Ch.14
IDW; #5
000PRM&D Occult Reference Net GB2; Ch.14
IDW; TL(m)
000PRM&D Popular Fungus IDW; #5
000PRM&D Spectral Almanac IDW; #11
000PRM&D Fairfax's Demonologia IDW; TMNT/Ghostbusters Issue #2
000PRM&D Kemp's Paranormal Encyclopedia IDW; Ghostbusters Annual 2017
000PRM&D Funder's Cults of the Northeast IDW; Ghostbusters Annual 2017
000PRM&D Kemp's Spectral Field Guide IDW; 101 #1
000PRM&D The Henderson Manual on Dimensional Breaches IDW; 101 #4
000PRM&D The Schoening Omnibi IDW; 101 #4
000PRM&D Magic Spells RGB; Ep.009
000PRM&D Spirit Summonings and Conjurations RGB; Ep.031
000PRM&D Lochmore's Guide to the Lower Regions RGB; Ep.031
000PRM&D Who's Who and What's That RGB; Ep.031,090
000PRM&D Standard Ghosts and Demons Identification Test RGB; Ep.036
000PRM&D Weird Tales RGB; Ep.041
000PRM&D Necronomicon RGB; Ep.041
000PRM&D Codex of Saint Theophilus RGB; Ep.049
000PRM&D Celebrity Magazine RGB; Ep.059
000PRM&D Spooks Illustrated RGB; Ep.061
000PRM&D Rasputin's Spiritual Exercises RGB; Ep.061
000PRM&D Rottweiler on Olfactory Manifestations RGB; Ep.061
000PRM&D Golden Grimbor RGB; Ep.086
000PRM&D Nameless Horrors and What To Do About Them RGB; Ep.086
000PRM&D Book of Annoying Beings RGB; Ep.097
000PRM&D Punk Cinema RGB; Ep.097
000PRM&D Big Red Book of Ancient Spells RGB; Ep.097
000PRM&D Exorcism RGB; Ep.103
000PRM&D Who's Who in the Spirit World RGB; Ep.112A
000PRM&D The Nameless Book RGB; Ep.115
000PRM&D Spengler's Spirit Guide Egon Spengler EGB
000PRM&D Jewish Folklore of Eastern Europe EGB; Ep.03
000PRM&D Galileo and his Studies of Medieval Poltergeist EGB; Ep.06
000PRM&D Pagan Rituals & Ceremonies EGB; Ep.06
000PRM&D Magic of the Runes EGB; Ep.06
000PRM&D Celtic Myth EGB; Ep.21
000PRM&D Spirits of North America EGB; Ep.27
000PRM&D Bestiary EGB; Ep.39
000PRM&D Powers of Darkness EGB; Ep.40
000PRM&D Ghosts from Our Past: Both Literally and Figuratively: The Study of the Paranormal Abby Yates
Erin Gilbert
000PRM&D Ley Lines: of North America GB:2016; Ch.12
000PRM&D A Glimpse into the Unknown: A Journey into a Portal; Catching Sight of the Other Dimension: Discovering the Undiscoverable: A Curiosity Piqued and Peaked. GB:2016; Ch.16(c)
GB:2016-DS; TNB
100RE P.K.E. Meter GB
100RE Ecto Goggles GB
100RE Camcorder
Includes: Recording Module, External Camera light
GB; Ch.02,03,04,07,14(c)
100RE Nikon SLR FE2 Camera
Includes: Leather Case
GB; Ch.03,04
100RE Stethoscope GB; Ch.03,04,07,14(c)
100RE Plastic Petri Dish GB; Ch.03
100RE Ghost Sniffer GB; Ch.07,10,14(c)
100RE PC-4 Calculator (aka:Pocket Computer) GB; Ch.03,07,14(c)
100RE Casio Micro-Mini Calculator GB; Ch.04
100RE Aura Video-Analyzer GB; Ch.09,20
IDW; #1,2
100RE Gamma Rate Meter GB; Ch.11,26
100RE Heavy Duty Tape Recorder GB:tSS; Ch.02
100RE Plasmatometer GB:tSS; Ch.02
100RE Rheostats GB:tSS; Ch.03
100RE Vacuum Chambers GB:tSS; Ch.03
100RE Oscilloscopes GB:tSS; Ch.03
100RE Monitor 4 Radiation Detector GB2; Ch.01
100RE Giga meter GB2
IDW; #2(c),5,6
100RE Slime Scooper GB2; Ch.08,09,10,11,12
100RE Polarity Rectification Tripods GB2; Ch.12,12
100RE Brooks Veriwide Camera GB2; Ch.16
100RE Globuscope GB2; Ch.16
IDW; #2
100RE KUD meter GB2; Ch.16
100RE Sound Level Meter GB2; Ch.12,26
100RE Spectral analyzer GB2; Ch.17
100RE Vacuum Polarization Rings 88MPH Studios; Legion 3
100RE P.K.E. Meter & Paragoggles (realistic version) GB:TVG-RV
100RE Ectoplasmic Glasses IDW; PPaF
100RE Ecto Monocle IDW; I1
100RE Dimensional Frequency Scanner IDW; #8
100RE Kylie's P.K.E. Meter IDW; #11
100RE P.K.E. Thermometer IDW; Vol. 2 #18
100RE Dimensional Inverter IDW; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters Issue #1
100RE Miniature Inverter IDW; Get Real #3
100RE Long-Range P.K.E. Scanner IDW; 101 #4
100RE P.K.E. Meter Animated RGB
100RE Helmet Ecto Goggles RGB; Ep.001,028,065,076,
100RE Ecto Goggles Animated RGB; C1,Ep.012,029,058,
EGB; Ep.02,05
100RE Ecto-Visors RGB; Ep.019
IDW; #3(c)
100RE Specter Detector RGB; Ep.010(c),020,086,
100RE Dimensional Inverter RGB; S!
100RE Spectral Differentializer RGB; Ep.025
100RE Slimer's Recorder Pack RGB; Ep.048
100RE Spectral Transmitter RGB; Ep.072
100RE Egon's Probe RGB; Ep.078
600RE Flashlight RGB; Ep.090
100RE Barometric Analyzer RGB; Ep.092
100RE Interdimensional Communicator RGB; Ep.092
100RE Ghost Attractor Peter Venkman RGB; Ep.095
100RE P.K.E. Camera RGB; Ep.103
100RE Mobile X-Ray Machine RGB; Ep.105
100RE Proton Electroencephalograph RGB; Ep.113A
100RE Holographic Comparison Grid RGB; Ep.118
100RE Spectral Glove RGB; Ep.129
IDW; #3(c)
100RE Ectoplasm Analyzer RGB; Ep.132
100RE Binoculars RGB; Ep.134
100RE Ghost Beacon EGB; Ep.01
IDW; #3(c)
100RE Subharmonic Acoustic Scanner EGB; Ep.17
100RE Vocal Pattern Emulators EGB; Ep.17
100RE Ectoplasmic Frequency Monitor EGB; Ep.24
100RE Ectoplasmic Entity Projection Unit EGB; Ep.24
100RE Radiation Detector EGB; Ep.27
100RE P.K. Frequency Scanner EGB; Ep.32
100RE Reel to Reel Tape Recorder EGB; Ep.32
100RE Brain Wave Monitor EGB; Ep.39
100RE Sample Analyzer EGB; Ep.39
100RE Slime Analyzer Ghost Busted (manga)
100RE Kudelski Nagra III Reel to Reel Tape Recorder GB:2016; Ch.02,04(c),16
100RE P.K.E. Meter (2016) Abby Yates
Jillian Holtzmann
100RE Streamlight E-Spot Firebox Flashlight Lantern GB:2016; Ch.03,06
100RE Sony 4K Camcorder GB:2016; Ch.04,06
100RE Keysight FieldFox Microwave Analyzer GB:2016; Ch.16
200WfC Proton Pack
Includes: Particle Thrower
200WfC Slime Blower GB2; Ch.14,23,24,25,26,
200WfC Proton Pack (Realistic Variant)
Includes: Plasm Distribution System Mode,
Dark Matter Generator Mode, Composite Particle System Mode
200WfC Proton Pack (Stylized Variant)
Includes: Plasm Distribution System Mode,
Dark Matter Generator Mode
200WfC Arm Mounted Proton Pack IDW; TL
200WfC Proton Pistol (IDW Comics) IDW
200WfC Ghost Gun IDW; I2,#3(c)
200WfC Boson Pack IDW; #3,4
200WfC Winston's Prototype Pack IDW; #3,4
200WfC Proton Grenade IDW; #3,4
200WfC Compact Pack IDW; Vol. 2 #1
200WfC Miniature Slime Blower IDW; Vol. 2 #10
200WfC Boson Caster IDW; Vol. 2 #12
200WfC Ghost Taser IDW; Vol. 2 #14, GBI #5
200WfC Melanie's Proton Pistol IDW; Vol. 2 #17
200WfC Slime Spritzer IDW; GBI #5
200WfC Psychokinetic Defibrillator IDW; GBI #7
200WfC Proton Beam
Includes: Plasma Inductor Mode, Fermion Shock Mode
200WfC Proton Pack Animated Variant
Includes: Particle Thrower,
Proton Cannister (EGB only)
S!; Ep.04B
200WfC Ghost Bomb RGB; Ep.006
200WfC Makeshift Proton Pack RGB; Ep.016
200WfC Slimic Net RGB; Ep.020
200WfC Ectoplasmic Disintegrator RGB; Ep.049
200WfC Destabilizer RGB; Ep.073
200WfC Atomic Destabilizer RGB; Ep.081
200WfC Ethereal Solidifier RGB; Ep.082
200WfC Dimensional Compensator RGB; Ep.099
200WfC Ghost Tether RGB; Ep.104
200WfC P.K.E. Inverter RGB; Ep.116
200WfC Thermal Powered Blaster RGB; Ep.122
200WfC Proton Bazooka RGB; Ep.125
200WfC UV Ray Blaster RGB; Ep.127
200WfC Washtub Focuser RGB; Ep.129
200WfC SCEP-TECH RGB; Ep.131
200WfC Proton Pistol (Extreme Ghostbusters) EGB
200WfC Field Projector EGB; Ep.09
200WfC Ghost Vacuum EGB; Ep.17
200WfC Proton Cannon EGB; Ep.18
200WfC Diffusion Filter EGB; Ep.19
200WfC Liquid Oxygen Dispenser Unit EGB; Ep.20
200WfC Fusion Blast Adapter EGB; Ep.37
200WfC Proton Grenade (Air Filter Prototype) GB:2016; Ch.04,08(c)
200WfC Proton Box GB:2016; Ch.05(c),06
200WfC Proton Pack (2016) Mark I Jillian Holtzmann GB:2016; Ch.07,08,09,10
GB:2016-DS; T,SH,B(c),PTB(c)TBT
200WfC Proton Pack (2016) Mark II Jillian Holtzmann GB:2016; Ch.10,12,13,14,15
200WfC Proton Grenade (Air Filter) Jillian Holtzmann GB:2016; Ch.11,14
200WfC Proton Grenade Launcher Jillian Holtzmann GB:2016; Ch.11,14
200WfC Ghost Chipper Jillian Holtzmann GB:2016; Ch.11,12(c),14
200WfC Proton Blaster Jillian Holtzmann GB:2016; Ch.11,14
200WfC Proton Glove Jillian Holtzmann GB:2016; Ch.11,14
200WfC Proton Grenade (Test Tubes) Jillian Holtzmann GB:2016; Ch.14
200WfC Proton Pistol (2016) Jillian Holtzmann GB:2016; Ch.14
300S Trap GB
300S Containment Unit GB; Ch. 14,15,21
88MPH; GL 1
300S Wireless Traps 88MPH; GL 4
300S Paranormal Containment Research Tank GB:TVG-RV
300S Containment Unit (realistic version) GB:TVG-RV
300S Portable Ecto-Containment Unit IDW; #9,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters Issue #3
300S Trap (realistic version) GB:TVG-RV
300S Super Slammer Muon Trap GB:TVG-RV
IDW; #12,#13,Vol. 2 #13
300S Megatrap IDW
300S Winston's Trap IDW; #16
300S Wall-Trap IDW; Vol. 2 #6,GR #3
300S Trap Animated Variant RGB
S!; Ep.04B
300S Containment Unit/Animated RGB
S!; Ep.04B
300S Mass Containment Field RGB; Ep.077
300S Transdimensional Portal RGB; Ep.088
300S Trap (2016) Jillian Holtzmann
Abby Yates
GB:2016; Ch.07,08,09,10,12(c),16(c)
300S Containment Unit (2016) Jillian Holtzmann GB:2016; Ch.16
400T;G Ecto-1 GB
GB2; Ch.01
400T;G Ecto-1a GB2; Ch.12,16,17,21,22,28
400T;G Statue of Liberty
Includes: NES Advantage Controller, Walkman,
PA System
GB2; Ch.22(m),23,24,25,27,28
RGBsiGB2-NOW; Pt.3
400T;G Ecto-1b GB:TVG-RV
400T;G Ecto-2 (IDW) IDW Comics; Issue #7
400T;G Ecto-5 IDW Comics; Volume 2 Issue #15
400T;G Ecto-15 IDW Comics; Volume 2 Issue #7
400T;G Ultimate Mobile Trap IDW Comics; 101 #5
400T;G Ecto-4WD GB:SOS
400T;G Ecto-1 Animated Variant RGB
400T;G Ecto-Garbage Truck RGB; Ep.042
EGB; Ep.38
400T;G Ecto-Crane RGB; Ep.077
400T;G Amplified Skates RGB; Ep.080
400T;G Venkmobile RGB; Ep.124
400T;G Ray Runner RGB; Ep.124
400T;G Spengler Speedster RGB; Ep.124
400T;G Slime Buggy RGB; Ep.124
400T;G Ecto-3 RGB; Ep.094,128
400T;G Ecto-Fire Truck EGB; Ep.38
400T;G Ecto-1 (2016) GB:2016; Ch.07,08,12,14,15
400T;G Ecto-2 (2016) GB:2016; Ch.13
410T;F Ecto-2 RGB
410T;F Ecto-Bomber RGB; Ep.125
410T;F Ecto-Ichi RGB; Ep.133
410T;F Ecto-4 RGB-NOW; V1.6,10,
410T;F Ecto-10 IDW; DA 1, DA 2, DA 3, DA 4
410T;F Ecto-Gyro IDW; 15
410T;F Ecto-4 (IDW) IDW; 101 #4
420T;W Marine Ecto-8 GB:TVG-RV; L.6
500BIfFS Uniform
Includes: Belt Gizmo, Radio, Leg Hose,
Pistol Belt, Electrical Gloves, Key Fob, Holster,
Lifegard II
500BIfFS Uniform Animated Variant
Includes: Belt Gizmo, Radio , Pistol Belt,
Electrical Gloves, Key Fob
500BIfFS Molecular Destabilizing Suit‎‎ RGB; Ep.013
500BIfFS Modified Hard Hats RGB; Ep.129
500BIfFS Radioactive Hazard Suits EGB; Ep.27
500BifFS Ecto-Suit IDW; Ghostbusters: Get Real #3
500BIfFS Uniform (2016) GB:2016
500BIfFS Uniform (Kevin) GB:2016; Ch.13
500BIfFS Large Duffel Bag GB:2016; Ch.02,06,08,09,12
500BIfFS Walkie-Talkie GB:2016; Ch.08
600OI Containment Unit Monitor RGB; Ep.013
600OI Grid Device RGB; Ep.013
600OI Banana 9000 RGB; Ep.020
600OI Plasmic Strainer RGB; Ep.020
600OI Silver Iodide Device RGB; Ep.040
600OI Psychogram Helmet RGB; Ep.043
600OI Hologram Generator RGB; Ep.043
600OI Seal of Saint Theophilus RGB; Ep.049
600OI Ecto-Aroma Eliminator RGB; Ep.056
600OI Molecular Phase Amplifier RGB; Ep.073
600OI Displacement Wristwatch RGB; Ep.073
600OI Mental Neutralizer RGB; Ep.074
600OI Quasitronic Nuclear Inverter RGB; Ep.074
600OI Multifunction Device RGB; Ep.084
600OI B.U.F.O. Receptacle RGB; Ep.087,124(c)
600OI Shutters Impervious to Ectoplasm RGB; Ep.088
600OI Egon's Quonset Hut RGB; Ep.089
600OI Egon's Inflatable Raft RGB; Ep.089
600OI Sub-etheric Multichannel Differential Analyzer RGB; Ep.090
600OI Egon's Weather Balloon RGB; Ep.093
600OI Winston's Hacker RGB; Ep.096
600OI Firehouse Security System RGB; Ep.097
600OI Pimple Detection Device RGB; Ep.101
600OI Thermal Reactive Water Balloon Launcher RGB; Ep.101
600OI Firehouse Surveillance System RGB; Ep.108A
600OI Rock Opera Machine RGB; Ep.114
600OI Big Trouble RGB; Ep.115
600OI SS Pollywog RGB; Ep.122
600OI Directional Finder RGB; Ep.124
600OI Frequency Emulator RGB; Ep.124
600OI Mini-Phone RGB; Ep.133
600OI Ecto-X RGB-NOW;V1.21
600OI Ecto Defibrillator‎ EGB; Ep.26
600OI Firehouse Perimeter Alert‎ EGB; Ep.34
600OI Electromagnetic Pulse Emitter IDW; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters Issue #4
600OI Ghost Attractant IDW; Ghostbusters Annual 2017
600OI Antenna-like Helmet Abby Yates GB:2016; Ch.02,05(c),07(c),08(c),10(c),12(c)
600OI Upper Arm Remote Trigger GB:2016; Ch.08,09,14,15
600OI Swiss Army Knife GB:2016; Ch.11,14
600OI Hydrochloric Acid GB:2016; Ch.12
600OI Ghost Transporter Jillian Holtzmann GB:2016; Ch.16
600OI Nutcracker Jillian Holtzmann GB:2016; Ch.16
700OE Ecto Shield RGB; Ep.037
700OE Containment Fence Dr. Bassingame RGB; Ep.052
700OE Peoplebusters' Packs RGB; Ep.092
700OE Peoplebusters' Throwers RGB; Ep.092
700OE Egon-1 RGB; Ep.092
700OE Egon-2 RGB; Ep.092
700OE Peoplebusters' Containment Unit RGB; Ep.092
700OE Robo-Buster Paul Smart RGB; Ep.096
700OE Electronic Positronic Anti-Halloween Machine RGB; Ep.114
700OE Dweeb's Van Professor Dweeb RGB; Ep.125
700OE Ghost Sucker Professor Dweeb RGB; Ep.125
700OE Ghost Extractor Professor Dweeb RGB; Ep.125
700OE Ghost Retractable Pincers Professor Dweeb RGB; Ep.125
700OE Dweebsicle Professor Dweeb RGB; Ep.130
700OE Ghost Tank Professor Dweeb RGB; Ep.130
700OE Brain Drain Machine Professor Dweeb RGB; Ep.130
700OE Ize Cleem Truck Professor Dweeb RGB; Ep.130
700OE Twisto Ray Professor Dweeb RGB; Ep.132
700OE Chest Trapper Professor Dweeb RGB; Ep.132
700OE Optimal Anti-Ghost Carrying Case Professor Dweeb RGB; Ep.132
700OE Magnetic Flux Beam Professor Dweeb RGB; Ep.132
700OE Magnetic Flux Trap Professor Dweeb RGB; Ep.132
700OE Ecto Vac Professor Dweeb S!; Ep.1a
700OE Improved Ecto Vac Professor Dweeb S!; Ep.1a
700OE Ghost Detector Professor Dweeb S!; Ep.2c
700OE Ghost Trap (Dweeb's) Professor Dweeb S!; Ep.2c
700OE Remote Controlled Food Cart Professor Dweeb S!; Ep.2c
700OE Motorized Desk Professor Dweeb S!; Ep.3a
700OE Propeller Belt Professor Dweeb S!; Ep.4a
700OE High Wire Bike Professor Dweeb S!; Ep.4a
700OE Lead Line Clutches Professor Dweeb S!; Ep.4a
700OE Cake Trap Professor Dweeb S!; Ep.6a
700OE Slime Sniffer Professor Dweeb S!; Ep.6a
700OE Pet-O-Matic Ray Dr. Strangedog S!; Ep.6b
700OE Rubber Conversion Unit Professor Dweeb S!; Ep.7a
700OE Wolf Helmet Professor Dweeb S!; Ep.7b
700OE Slime Transporter Beam Professor Dweeb S!; Ep.10a
700OE Ghost Grabber Professor Dweeb S!; Ep.10a
700OE Transdimensional Easy Lounger Professor Dweeb S!; Ep.11b
700OE Lead Ghost Box Professor Dweeb S!; Ep.11b
700OE Ghost Travel Guide S!; Ep.13a
700OE Bio Containment Vortex EGB; Ep.34
700OE Inverted Proton Pack Professor Harold Teplitz GB Manga
700OE Inverted Trap Professor Harold Teplitz GB Manga
700OE Inverted Containment Unit Professor Harold Teplitz GB Manga
700OE Trap Opener Professor Harold Teplitz GB Manga
700OE Ron's Proton Pack Ron Alexander IDW; #9
700OE Phantom Big Rig Phantom Truck Driver IDW; #9
700OE Ghostmobile Ghost Smashers IDW; #13
700OE Sinterklaas' Boat Sinterklaas IDW; #11
700OE Hyper-Ionization Device Rowan North GB:2016
700OE Ghost Portal Mirror Rowan North GB:2016; Ch.05,07,12,13
700OE Barrier Compromising Master Machine Rowan North GB:2016; Ch.12,13