Ghosthunters title as seen at the start of the film

Ghosthunters (2016 film) (also known in Japan as "Devil Busters デビルバスターズ") is a 2016 horror film. It was released direct to video on July 5th, 2016. Produced by The Asylum, it is a mockbuster of Ghostbusters. It was released to capitalize on the 2016 Ghostbusters film.


Ghosthunters is basically a Horror house film with a murder solving plot. It is pretty much a mix of the Ghost Hunters (series) with ghost detecting and ghost catcher like Ghostbusters. The film ends semi mimicking The Shining film. The film also has many jump scares and freak out haunting moments.

Ghost Hunters/Ghostbusters Traits

It is mostly a Ghost Hunters (investigation series) with the introduction of ghost capture abilities. Some of the equipment and concepts taken from common placed ghost hunting lingo.

The Japan versions marketing took it one step further and used a still of a ghost in the film and made a no-ghost design from it. The title change to Devil Busters is a flip from the Ghosthunters title.


  • EMF Meter- first seen with Henry, it is a real world device that measures electromagnetic fields.
  • The Machine- A large device in the attic that can capture and store ghosts. It has a built in decoder and containment chamber to convert the ghosts (electromagnetic energy) into ectoplasm that is put in glass tubes. The decoder then can replay sounds from the ectoplasm.
  • Goggles- Somewhat like Ecto Goggles, they can help view a ghost out in the field.
  • Scanner- Seems to basically perform the same function as the EMF Meter. However, it is a more dependable device than the previous EMF Meter which can have its results altered if electricity is present.
  • Demagnetizer (Ghost Gun)- Detached and turned mobile the machines ghost catching element is a Particle Thrower in basic form. It is shown through to have elements more like a light beam than a proton beam.

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