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Goober and the Ghost Chasers was an animated series that ran from the fall of 1973 through 1975. It had a 16 episode run and featured guests in many episodes of the Partridge kids.


Goober and the Ghost Chasers work at the printing shop for the "Ghost Chasers Magazine", which is a monthly magazine that specializes in news reports and investigations of hauntings. They investigate ghost hauntings hoping for photos and interviews with ghosts.


  • Ted-He is the leader of the team, and uses the ghost equipment.
  • Tina-She is the one trying to interview the ghost.
  • Gillie-He is the nerdy photographer that is always trying to get pictures of the ghosts.
  • Goober-He is the dog that uncontrollably disappears and reappears. He is also the comic relief.

  • Danny Partridge-He is a skeptic and coward. Usually trying to avoid ghosts.
  • Tracy Partridge-She leads/watches over the rest of the Partridge Kids.
  • Chris Partridge-One of the two little kids of the group.
  • Laurie Partridge-The other kid of the little kids.



The four in the intro of the show.

  • Apparition Kit-A equipment storage carrying case. It was seen in all episodes.
  • Specter Detector-This was used in about every episode and was the key piece of equipment to determine of the ghost was actually a ghost. Many episodes the plot involved the device identifying a ghost, but Ted doubting it. It was always confirmed to had been right by the end of the episode.
  • Haunter Taunter-This device was to create a "Eerie-O-phonic sound" which wards off ghosts, however its sound is not hear able to living humans.
  • Poltergeist Powder-It was used to get ghost finger prints.
  • Post-Ghost (Scanner)-It was never explained or used on a case. Guesses are that it most likely used to read an area for ghost residue.
  • Camera-Gillie carried one in every episode trying to get ghost photos.


Key: #=Episode Number, N=Name of Episode, AD=Air Date, G=# of ghosts, GS=Guest Stars

PK=Guest starred The Partridge Kids
WC=Guest starred Wilt Chamberlain
MG=Guest starred Michael Gray

01Assignment: The Ahab Apparition01973-09-08September 8, 19731PK
02Brush Up Your Shakespeare01973-09-15September 15, 19730PK
03The Galloping Ghost01973-09-22September 22, 19730WC
04The Singing Ghost01973-09-29September 29, 19732PK
05The Ghost Ship01973-10-06October 6, 19732PK
06Mummy Knows Best01973-10-13October 13, 19731?PK
07The Haunted Wax Museum01973-10-20October 20, 19730PK
08Aloha Ghost01973-10-27October 27, 19732MG
09The Wicked Witch Dog01973-11-03November 3, 19730PK
10Venice Anyone?01973-11-10November 10, 19731
11Go West Young Ghost01973-11-17November 17, 19731PK
12A Hard Day's Knight01973-11-24November 24, 19732
13Is Sherlock Holme?01973-12-01December 1, 19736
14That Snow Ghost01973-12-08December 8, 19731
15Inca Dinka Doo01973-12-15December 15, 19731
16Old McDonald Had a Ghost – EE II EEYOW01973-12-22December 22, 19731


  • All guest stars voiced animated counterparts of themselves.
  • The episode "The Haunted Wax Museum" wrongly suggests that Michael Gray is in the episode instead of the Partridge Kids, and vice versa in "Aloha Ghost" they suggest the Partridge Kids are guesting when it is Michael Gray.
  • The design of the "Specter Detector" differs in episode "Old McDonald Had a Ghost – EE II EEYOW" from the rest as the display screen flashes colors and the two knobs on the sides of the item are missing.

Ghost Hunters/Ghostbusters

  • The gadgets guy/leader of the group Ted uses a ghost detecting device called a "Specter Detector" which is basically a PKE Meter. The Real Ghostbusters did also have a gadget based off the Ghost Sniffer renamed the "Specter Detector", however it was shown to work differently.
  • The camera used by Gillie looks a lot like the communication devices Jake and Eddie wear in the animated version of the filmation ghostbusters series.
  • Filmations Ghostbusters animated series also used a device that basically worked the same as the Specter Detector called a "Ecto-Strobe".
  • Filmations Ghostbusters live action series also used a device that basically worked the same as the Apparition Kit called a "Ghost Kit".
  • There are ghosts in many of the episodes unlike its older brother series "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!" which almost always proved the ghosts to be fakes.



Apparition Kit

Specter Detector

Other Equipment

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