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Hiruko the Goblin is a 1991 Japanese horror film. The film at one point was released with English subtitles, but is in Japanese language.





Note that Reijiro Hieda doesn't directly name them, so the names are from his description.

  • Goblin Sensor- a device that is able to react to the invisible body of the goblin, which is like a soul that gives off electricity. Reijiro notes to Masao that it was the first time he had got a reading from it when they meet. The device's red ball like center piece will light up red when near a goblin.
  • Goblin Destroyer- a device that seems to emit eletricity, sort of like a arc welder. The tip of the device needs to be in physical contact with the goblin to work. The device's tip was bent rendering it useless. Much like the Goblin Sensor, it had never been successfully used before.
  • Three Drill Device- a device that was never explained. Reijiro briefly had it out for use. Much like the Goblin Destroyer, it needed to be in direct contact to work. It was shown to be functional, briefly. However, something on the device fell apart. It was never shown again after that.
  • Spray Can- a spray can was shown being used many times to ward off the goblins. It is unknown what the spray can had in it.



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