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靈舍不同 (Hong Kong Ghostbusters) was a Black situation comedy sitcom that ran on Asia Television Limited (ATV). The show was only in Chinese language. It was not related to the sony franchise.


Note before reading this section, the show is only about the title for us. No ghosts to be busted here.

From Wikipedia:

"The story takes place in public housing known as Kowloon. In it's 40 years history, a lot of supernatural things have happened. Mei Qi neighbor, Liu Zhipeng haas a crush on her, but her dead mother, Mrs. Zhong is against the relationship. Public housing and ghosts, from misunderstanding to understanding, from confrontation to help, everyone must learn help out each other's difficulties and learn to "love and be tolerant" of each other if they hope to defend the building against possible demolition."

Ultimately, the show has the characters, living tenants and ghosts learning to deal with each other as they have a common threat of losing their home.


Some information taken from Wikipedia with a google translation. Other taken from official website for 靈舍不同

  • Liu Zhipeng- Son of Liu Ye, in love with Mei Qi
  • Mei Qi- Piano teacher, has feelings for Liu Zhipeng, Zhongsao daughter
  • Liu Ye- father to Liu Zhipeng, Yumei Ren's son, COCO's adoptive father
  • God Phoenix- psychic
  • Wen Wentao- District Councilor
  • Yumei Ren (ghost)- Liu Ye's mother, Liu Zhipeng's grandmother
  • Zhong Sao (ghost)- Mei Qi's mother
  • Cloud shadow Chang (ghost)- senior doctor
  • Little white light (ghost)- miscellaneous arts groups and hobby singing (she wears the cape)
  • Yin Guangming (ghost)- King of Ghosts
  • Li Wanji- Real estate rich business
  • Aberdeen- works for Li Wanji
  • Retired firefighter- Lost wife in fire, has a connection to God Phoenix
  • COCO- Liu Ye's adopted daughter, Liu Zhipeng's adopted sister


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