The Image Policy covers what images are permitted and how to present them. It also notes reuse of the wiki's images.

Permitted Images on the WikiEdit

Image Adding RestrictionsEdit

All violations are subject to being deleted and users being banned/blocked for the action. This page serves as a warning. Please read below.

  • No image should be copied from another website. (Examples: Proton Charging, GBFans, Spook Central etc...) However, limited picture usage is permissible with proper acknowledgement. (Read more below)
  • No fan art will be allowed at this wiki on any pages. Fan Art includes but is not limited to:
    • Drawn Art
    • Screen cap edits with text, filters, or other forms of add ons
    • Custom Toys and sculptures

Images should always have an intended use when uploaded. All images without a page/article/blog could possibly be deleted.

Use of Images from SourcesEdit

Sometimes, images can only be assessed from one source. When this is the case, limited images may be used under {{Fairuse}} tag. Proper accrediting of images is important as well. If it comes from a site that has an article about it "Spook Central (Fan Site)", you can accredit the site either in the thumbnail box or in some templates by filling in Credits field.

Use of Wiki Images outside of the WikiEdit

The wiki's images are for use under "fair use". We request that if an image is used outside the wiki, that the wiki gets a link.

How to Add Images on the WikiEdit

Adding images to an article should be done with the "Add a photo to this gallery" button.


If there is no gallery on the article/page, first hit "Edit this Page" and go to the edit scroll box and go to the bottom of the page to add the gallery. Before adding the gallery itself, put the following headline tag in ==Gallery== and then hit Enter/Return to go down to the next line. Then scroll up (the scroll bar closed to edge of the browser window) until you see the edit icons and then you hit the "Insert a Photo Gallery" button.

Note you should set the thumbnail size to "125" and use the drop down and set caption to "center". Hit the "Save" button in the lower right side.

After that hit "Save page".

To Add images to an article you can also use the "Add Picture" button, however it is not the preferred method. Images shouldn't be shown at more than 175 px wide. (However, sometimes images are chosen to be a bigger size by Admin due to special nature of image.)


Images in template infobox should be set at 225.
| image_size=225px

For discussion of this policy, please use the Talk Page.

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