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The VHS cover of the UK version of the film that uses the title "Karate Ghostbuster".

Karate Ghostbuster (拳精 Spiritual Kung Fu) is a 1978 martial arts supernatural comedy film. The film at one point was released with English dubbing, but is in Chinese language.



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Yi-Lang (Jackie Chan) is a smart-alec martial arts student at a Shaolin Temple. An anonymous thief steals a book from the library which teaches a potentially fatal style of Kung Fu. Yi-Lang, along with a group of five other monks, is punished for not stopping the thief, but his bravery leads to him signing up to defend a supposedly haunted portion of the school.

Upon discovering the ghosts, who are masters of a supposedly lost style of fighting known as The "Five Style Fists", Yi-Lang offers himself as a student, masters the form and uses it to progress quickly through the ranks of the school. In order to defend the school against the very thief who stole the book from its library, Yi-Lang demonstrates his new style and defeats the invading troup, with a little help from his five spiritual masters.


  • Yi-Lang: A student in the Shaolin Temple that is known for being trouble maker.
  • Master Wisdom:
  • Master Clarity: The old man that is blind. He was put in charge of the Shaolin Temple while Master Wisdom spent 100 days in confinement. He seemed to be a more direct Master to Yi-Lang.
  • Master Shek Yingfeng: Master Shek for the Wudang clan, he was murdered while visiting the Shaolin Temple.
  • Phoenix : Daughter of Master Shek Yingfeng, she has strong abilities in Kung Fu. She sought revenge for her fathers death. Later she sought the protection of the Shaolin Temple.
  • Cognition: He was falsely blamed for the death of Master Shek Yingfeng. Phoenix sought him for revenge, not knowing that he wasn't the real murderer.


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