Spook Chasers Logo (image from an auction by Ebay seller dadoftwocollectables84.

The Spook Chasers is a line of knock-offs of the Real Ghostbusters Action figures made by Sungold.


While made in China, it is unknown where they were sold. Thus far, only the four ghostbusters have surfaced. They all appear to be directly based from the Kenner line original heroes line that includes: Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz, and Winston Zeddmore. The proton pack's neutrona blaster have the same feature of two clips to put the figure's arm through. The companion ghosts look to be made from random colors of yellow, orange, dark green, and purple.


"Spook Chasers" was also the name of a 1957 feature film starring Huntz Hall and The Bowery Boys.

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Four images from Ebay seller dadoftwocollectables84,one by PKE Online, one by Flicker user Paul Kelly, and one by Facebook account Al Torres. Collages of both the Spook Chasers Proton Packs and the Real Ghostbusters Slimed Heroes Proton Packs as well as a image of a purple ghost provided by collector Thimmi Persson.

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