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Unrelated Ghostbusters are media and content about Ghostbusters/Ghosthunters that is not related to our Ghostbusters' Universe. This page doesn't include Tributes, Spoofs, and References unless a canon built series based on Ghost Hunting is involved. However, direct use of the name Ghostbusters may also be listed here.

Origins of Fictional Ghostbusters Universes Concepts

This is section is to cover where the concept of Ghost Hunting came from, and where all the term Ghostbusters has been used.

Item Name Year Reason
The Ghost Breaker- Felix short 1923 Concept
Lonesome Ghosts- Disney short 1937 Concept
Ghost Hunting Business
Ghost Breakers film series- The Ghost Breakers 1914 Title
Ghost Related
Ghost Breakers film series- The Ghost Breakers 1922
Ghost Breakers film series- The Ghost Breakers 1940
Ghost Breakers film series- Scared Stiff 1953
Bowery Boys film series- Spook Busters 1946 Concept
Ghost Hunting Business
Bowery Boys film series- Ghost Chasers 1951
Bowery Boys film series- Spook Chasers 1957
Ghost Buster 1952 Title
Typhoon Son - Ghost Extermination (台風息子 お化け退治) 1961
Scooby-Doo series 1969-Present
The Funky Phantom 1971-1972
Goober and the Ghost Chasers Series 1973

List of Unrelated Ghostbusters/Ghosthunters

This section covers modern (from 1975 on) Ghost Hunting and Capture.


Item Name Year Reason
Karate Ghostbuster (拳精 Spiritual Kung Fu) 1978
The Fake Ghost Catchers (鬼畫符) 1982
The Ghost Snatchers (俾鬼捉) 1986
Ghost Fever (Ghostbusters Cop) 1987
The Devil and The Ghostbuster (艷鬼凶靈) 1988
Ghost Busting (嘩鬼有限公司) 1989
Uncle Ghostbuster (天師叔叔 Uncle Taoist Mystic) 1990
Hiruko the Goblin 1991
The Chinese Ghostbuster (钟馗嫁妹) 1994
The Frighteners (film) 1996
The Ghost Club 2003
Pemburu Hantu The Movie 2010
Pemburu Hantu 2010
Ghost Sweepers 2012
Ghost Day (แก๊งค์ตบผี film) 2012
Ghost Patrol (TV film) 2015
Ghosthunters: On Icy Trails 2015
Ghosthunters 2016
Spectral 2016

Television Shows

Item Name Year Reason
Filmation's Ghostbusters Universe- Live Action Ghost Busters 1975
Filmation's Ghostbusters Universe- Animated Series Filmation's Ghostbusters 1986
The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo 1985
The Ghostbuster Gang (捉鬼家族) 1989
Ghost Sweeper Mikami 1993–1994
Phantom Quest Corp. 1994-1995
The Ghost Hunter (kid drama) 2000-2002?
Danny Phantom Series 2004-2007
Ghost Hunt (anime) 2006-2007
Hong Kong Ghostbusters (靈舍不同) 2007
Pemburu Hantu – Realiti Metafizik 2009
Ghost Negotiator Tenma (Tenma-san ga Yuku 天魔さんがゆく) 2013
Angels นางฟ้าล่าผี (Angels Ghost Hunters TV Series) 2014-Ongoing
Let's Fight, Ghost 2016
SurrealEstate 2021