The Ghostbusters wiki Voting Policy is the policy for maintaining a type of order and structure to the wiki. All votes will be conducted at Voting on Matters page.

Basic Idea

Currently a fair 2/3 Majority with 3 administrators on one side is grounds for an agreement or decision. Eligible Users may also vote as well. In that case, at least 2 of the votes must be from administrators. Also, there will still take 3 votes without any opposing votes.

Any matter that is being voted on needs to be open three days after what appears to be a decision, to allow for descending votes and questions. It is encouraged to give reasons for a vote, however it is not mandatory. During the process it is permitted to change a decision and to re-vote, However, the previous vote must remain. A strikethrough is to be used to deactivate the vote (<s>text</s>). After voting is closed, all comments and votes must remain, for future references.

How to Vote

Currently we use a Wiki-Pipe Table to organize votes.

Copy and Paste the following below

|Comments on Matter and sign "~~~"||Vote

Users Eligibility to Voting

Due to the open door policies at wikia, anyone can edit at a wiki. Therefore, rules needed to be in place to maintain fairness and respect to the work here. So there are rules put in place for who can vote.

Eligibility Rules

  • The user must have signed up to Wikia. (no IP voting)
  • The user must have at least 50 edits at Ghostbusters Wiki.
  • The user must have been editing at Ghostbusters Wiki for 30 days or more.

Comments and Debate Data

Under no circumstances other than typing errors, vandalism, or IP edits; may any content be removed. Comments should only address the issues being debated at hand. Also, even users not eligible to vote may comment on the current matters as long as signed in.

Suggesting A Item to Vote on

Suggestions can be posted on Voting on Matters Talk Page. All Suggestions should include: What is to be voted on, Links to Articles in Question in Debate, and sign ~~~ . One of the administrators will decide if the item has merit, and will move item to section it goes. If declined, the administrator is to briefly say why. If any of the administrators decides it has merit, it will then go to approved and a brief reason why is also included. All approved items will be added to Voting on Matters within 3 days of approval. Note, the item at that point will be removed from approved section. If a administrator puts up the suggestion for approval, another administrator must be the one to approve it.

Re-Opening a Debate

A matter that has been decided on, can not be reopened for debate for 6 months after the decision is carried out.

For discussion of this policy, please use the Talk Page.

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